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Collagen is an important skin protein. Its presence or absence plays a key role in defining the elasticity and strength of our skins. When it is depleted or otherwise damaged, the cosmetic effects on our skin can be less than desirable, with sagging, wrinkling being among collagen loss results. So naturally, you want to keep your skin collagen at adequate levels as that can help you retain healthy and supple skin. But how do you go about rebuilding your skin collagen? Here are some tips you should try out?

1. Dietary Changes

Possibly the most natural and risk-free method of rebuilding collagen in your body, collagen is synthesized from amino acids, which are the breakdown products of protein. So you should increase your protein intake for your meals. Your meal can include egg, bone broth, chicken, and salmon, amongst many others. Also, ensure you get adequate vitamin C, which plays a crucial role in healthy skins. Cut down on excess sugar and take more water- ensure you always stay hydrated. Other vitamins you need to include in your diet are fat-soluble diets. These can help improve hydration and so act against collagen depletion.

2. Lifestyle Changes

This factor is also important to consider as well, being a risk-free and natural method. You should make a few healthy tweaks to your lifestyle. These include cutting down on smoking. Smoking has adverse effects on the blood vessels, which can compromise the blood supply to the skin. It may also trigger inflammatory processes that result in collagen being degraded. Cut down on excessive alcohol too, and reduce time spent under scorching sunlight. These can have debilitating effects on the skin and impede the collagen regeneration effects and other adverse effects. Other lifestyle changes include reducing your exposure to polluted areas or toxic materials, including those found in water or food, or some chemical products. These can trigger processes that result in collagen loss and slowing down of collagen regeneration rate.

3. Collagen Supplements And Creams

These are a good option for boosting the collagen levels of your body. Collagen supplements and creams are quicker acting and come in handy when looking to revitalize your skin deeply. However, you should be on the lookout to find a cream or supplement that works for you. An option you could check out is this collagen drink.

4. Vitamin C Supplements And Creams

As earlier pointed out, vitamin C is essential for collagen regeneration. However, it may not be adequately present in the diet, and in this case, you might require vitamin C creams or supplements to compensate. You should, however, take care to choose good quality and safe vitamin C supplements.

5. Facial Massage

A facial is probably the most enjoyable method going to be suggested here, but what do I know. In addition to being incredibly pleasant and relaxing, facial massage also helps spur collagen production and increases blood flow to the skin along with nutrients transported within the blood. So there is an extra benefit to getting a facial massage.


Collagen is a skin protein that accounts for most of our skin protein content. It can be degraded or lost, resulting in undesirable effects on our skin. Replenishing lost collagen involves following the tips listed here in an appropriate combination for better results.

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