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Effects From Eating Ice Blog Featured Image

Effects From Eating Ice

Ice probably doesn't feature very highly on our dream menus, and that's hardly surprising. Asides being used to chill drinks on a hot day, there is little to be said for ice as a menu item. However, a couple of...

Pagophagia Causes And How To Cure It Blog Featured Image

Pagophagia Causes And How To Cure It

Like many people, I enjoy an iced drink on a scorching day. We all need that chilled refreshment from the heat–I certainly do. However, did you know some people have a strong urge and craving to chew on ice every...

What causes iron deficiency anaemia blog featured image

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron plays a vital role in creating energy from the nutrients that we intake. The excess iron is stored in our body for future use. When there is too little iron in our body, Iron deficiency anemia occurs. Most of...

Why Do People Crave Ice Blog Featured Image

Craving For Ice And What It Means?

Do you crave ice for no reason, or frequently take ice cubes out of your fridge just to munch on it? Do you get that satisfying feeling while crunching ice? If you do, then you must read this! Some people...

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