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What Is Dermatitis And How To Treat It Blog Featured Image

What Is Dermatitis?

Our skins are prone to many conditions, some of which can be of sudden onset and uncomfortable. Have you ever had your skin which was looking all perfect a week ago, suddenly go all red and itchy on you? If...

Itchy Skin Cause By Allergic Reaction Blog Featured Image

Itchy Skin Cause By Allergic Reaction

I am among the lucky ones who do not suffer any type of allergies, even food restrictions. When it comes to medications at times when I get sick, I don’t experience any allergic reactions as well. Our antibodies have the...

Seven Home Remedies To Cure Atopic Dermatitis Blog Featured Image

About Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

The most common type of Eczema is Atopic Dermatitis. Its appearance is often red, itchy rash. Atopic Dermatitis is commonly visible on the cheeks, arms, and legs. Even though this skin condition is a common form of Eczema, it is...

Types Of Eczema And The Common Causes Blog Featured Image

Types Of Eczema And It’s Common Causes

In our daily activities, we sometimes experience having itchy skin in a specific part of our body. It usually occurs in children and those adults who have sensitive skins like my daughter. I understand the struggles of having such allergies...

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