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Welcome to my Mummyjene blog, your go-to plug for fascinating beauty and health tips, a guide on where to travel, and what you need to know to succeed as working mothers. I am dedicated to giving you the very best of healthy lifestyle tips to ensure that you stay healthy and alive. You probably do not know that you do not have to spend so much to keep active and healthy.

I have some beauty tips and secrets for you working moms, and they spring out of the necessity to stay glowing and healthy skin at all times. I also include some basic travel suggestions which are worthy of consideration as they comprise the requisite knowledge and hacks you can adopt to have an enjoyable trip at all times.

The work-at-home section focuses on the diverse kinds of jobs you can do as a working mom. In essence, every part of this website is characterized by the various things you might need help with in terms of beauty tips, travel, healthy lifestyle, and working at home.

Or who doesn't fancy the works of Catherine Reitman, Dani Kind and Juno Rinaldi who demonstrated the role of a working mom ideally in the popular comedy series which won awards in Canada in 2019? There are immense lessons to learn from MummyJene blog, and which can apply to real-life.


My Story, My Journey

My aim is to provide leverage as I take cognizance of the plentiful and intense competition which leaves most people confused in making informed and life-saving decisions concerning their health, travel plans, how to optimize, and monetize their skills and passion while at home, and stay beautiful at all times. The focus is on you, my customer, especially working mothers like myself. And the goal is to deliver top-notch quality services through this online store for guaranteed customer satisfaction.


Healthy Lifestyle Guide

It is undeniably true that an attempt to solve the people's numerous health care challenges is far from reach. The number of persons suffering from some kind of mental and health deformity or condition is worrisome. I know of many people suffering from postpartum depression. And you probably know one or more too.

Given this unfortunate situation, I believe I can offer some help by introducing appropriate innovative solutions which are a prerequisite to improve the quality of health care in individuals.

This fundamental medical advice is simplified, easy to apply and is targeted at ensuring that you maintain overall good health. Regardless of your age or physical capability, you can adopt some not-too-hard-to-get healthy habits to improve your physical and mental states for a happier and healthier lifestyle. It is only a matter of taking a step in the right direction and doing the right thing. If you are really mindful of your health and beauty as you should, you'll get everything you need from here.


Work From Home Tips

As regards working from home, I am as well conversant with the fact that it has become an in-thing over the years. In an attempt to rise to the occasion to meet the individual needs of customers who seek a work-life balance and an unquestionably fantastic satisfaction which births increased productivity. I take the time to listen to your concerns and possible reasons for choosing to work from home jobs. That way, I can recommend viable and immensely productive options. As a result, I conduct the necessary conversion of data to information which will help guide you through how to become a self-employed working mom from the comfort of your home.

If you are fortunate enough to have an amount of control over their schedule, have more time for personal pursuits and consequently, and make money from the things you love, there are tons of tips/secrets you can learn from me to make it a dream come true. If you enjoyed what Jessalyn Wanlim did on the sitcom Workin' Moms, you would learn even more work from home tips from Mummyjene blog.


Beauty Tips & Tricks

Have you tried and tested and trusted numerous beauty tips to keep a beautiful you, skincare and secrets of maintaining healthy hair care? Or perhaps you do not have enough time, like many people, to check-in at the splendor parlor to take care of your skin and body, I bring you some basic and DIY beauty tips to appear, stay and live charming and beautiful as you desire.

As a working mom, you can apply these tricks to help you form a beauty routine to understand how to use certain beauty products like dry shampoo, nail polish, eye creams, lash line and others. Maximize the concept of recreating yourself to keep your glow and remain absolutely fascinating with these beauty tips. Did you know you can get rid of eye circles by merely applying these tips and tricks?

The beauty secrets are borne out of years of experience of effortless desires to unlock flawless skin. Since your skin is believed to be the tell-tale indicator of the way you feel on the inside, you really must pay much attention to it. You can be your makeup artist in the long run.


Travel Hacks & Tips

The primary goal or aim of a traveler is to reach his/her destination. If they can get there more easily, quickly, and with less stress, who would not jump at that offer? These are the basic things I have for you under my travel hacks.

I compress loads of worthwhile options under this category such that you can have a handful of an idea of what to do, how to access cheesy attractions, rid yourself of some non-authentic travel experiences and locate the best of the best restaurants in your desired destination. If you are of the perception that tourism is terrible, gruesome and risky, it's time to discard such outdated knowledge already.

Under my travel hacks, you will gain access to some quintessential suggestions to guarantee more authentic travel experience, enjoy a better environmental impact as I walk you through a perfect local guide that resonates with your own travel plans.

Hopefully, you would enjoy the numerous invaluable tips in my travel blog provides.
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