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My Slimming Adventure With Aulora Pants blog featured image

Slimming Adventure With Aulora Pants

Working from home may have its perks, but on my part, I experienced the disadvantages of it first hand. When I started to work from home, I became lazy and often spent most of the non-working days just sitting and...

Soft Snug Pants And Aulora Pants Blog FEatured Image

Soft Snug Pants And Aulora Pants

First and foremost, Aulora pants and soft snug pants are both designed for a particular purpose. Only, each pair of pants functions differently. Choosing a brand of pants and type that will suit your needs and preferences can be tricky,...

Soft snug slimming hot pants review Blog Featured Image

Soft Snug Slimming Hot Pants

After giving birth, my body is not the same as before. My legs and thighs have become more prominent and saggier, and my upper proportions have become more expansive. The worst thing is that cellulite is now clearly visible, making...

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