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Work At Home

Alcohol And Domestic Violence

The Women's Aid Organization debunked the myth that domestic violence is a momentary loss of temper or an anger management issue. It stands with the argument that domestic violence is a result of an imbalance in power between couples. It...

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Dealing With Domestic Abuse

If domestic abuse is as traumatic as being portrayed, then why do many women stay in an abusive relationship? To better understand, we need to know that domestic abuse happens because of the desire to gain dominance, control, and power...

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Increasing Domestic Violence

Home – One of the primary necessities a human needs. The safest place we can ever think of. It gives us assurance and comfort of not being harmed. But that is not the case for some. It is heartbreaking knowing...

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Domestic Violence

Abuse is a very common problem in our society with the number of cases increasingly on the rise. One (1) in five (5) women experience abuse and the estimated number affected by domestic violence counts to ten (10) million people...

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