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Abuse is a very common problem in our society with the number of cases increasingly on the rise. One (1) in five (5) women experience abuse and the estimated number affected by domestic violence counts to ten (10) million people in the Malaysia. Much worse, their intimate partner is usually their perpetrator. The impact of one violent action can lead to another.

A widespread perception of abuse is a physical assault resulting in injuries, literally visible ones. Physical assault is only one type of domestic violence. Each category of abuse has its own consequence that leads to the devastation and destruction of the personhood of their victim. The types of abuse are:

  • Control
  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse and Intimidation
  • Isolation
  • Verbal Abuse: Coercion, Threats and Blame
  • Using Male Privilege
  • Economic Abuse
  • Mental and Emotional Abuse

These will cause long term effects on the victim and will have a hard time getting over that dark episode of her life. There is a need for understanding and continuous support from the people around her. There is a need for constant assurance that she will get through it and keep on moving.


We Got You

The battle is not easy but taking a step makes a huge difference. With the strong promotion of women empowerment, many are now confident to speak out. That consistent call of ending domestic violence against women is not being shrugged off and is given the attention it deserves.

With the help of advocates for ending violence against women, there is an increase in awareness, and actions are taken to prevent violence and immediate response to victims. We, women, have the biggest role in ending domestic violence. We must muster our courage and never let fear intimidate us. There is nothing to shy away in asking for help. You can use this signal if you are experiencing abuse at home:

Palm to camera and tuck thumb

Trap thumb

With COVID-19 happening resulting in quarantine, it is terrifying for the repetitive victims of abuse being lacking down with their perpetrator. The Women’s Funding Network launched this “Signal for Help” campaign. The hand gesture creates a chance for victims to ask for help without being noticed by their abuser. In this way, that person they asked help for can send help or reach the victim safely. There is importance in spreading awareness. The hand sign is also a symbol for rescuers telling the victim, “I see you, I’m going to help you.”


Share Their Pain

Feeling the victim’s pain means lifting a part of the burden they are dealing with. They don’t need advice but an ear who listens and a shoulder to lean on. The trauma will leave a scar, and there is no timetable as to how fast they can recover. Let us be there to remind them that there is still more to life. Let us not let them succumb to depression, which will complicate the situation even more. Giving hope and light goes a long way for us to save a life. We can enable victims and their loved ones a chance to spend more time together, continue to grow, and surpass the pain.

There is always more we can do if we don’t turn a blind eye to what we see.

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