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Being a working mum is not a breeze and preparing a healthy meal for the whole family becomes a chore that is time-consuming and tiring for us. After a whole day’s work in the office, we just want to lie down and rest. This is one of the reasons why most working moms just settle for take-outs and instant meals which is not healthy for our kids and for us. But what can we do?

You see, given all our responsibilities of taking care of our home and spending quality time with our kids and partner, we still need to stay alert during working hours,  so we grab every chance we get to lie down and rest. But, having full-charge energy is possible even for a multitasking mum like us if we are physically and emotionally healthy. Suffering from the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia hinders our ability to perform our daily responsibilities well. If we want to veer away from the hassles of feeling tired and sick, you must take action to solve your problem. If not, you will need to deal with other long-term addiction like ice-cravings, for instance.


Why Slendez Meal Nutritious Meal Replacement Supplement?

The instant solution to this condition is by eating foods rich in iron or taking iron supplements to treat the symptoms by increasing the iron Level needed in our body. I suggest you take Slendez Meal Nutritious meal supplement from BE International. This meal supplement is best, especially if you are not a fan of swallowing capsules or tablet form of an iron supplement like me. Plus, this soya milk-like mixture drink is delicious that even the kids will love it. You can drink this for breakfast and one sachet is enough to power you up with the energy you need to start your busy day.

You will not need a prescription when buying Slendez meal replacement. As you juggle multiple tasks in one day, you can still have the nutrition you need without spending long hours in the kitchen preparing a meal. Slendez meal will save you time. It is an ideal (alternative) than eating take-outs from fast food that you do not know if it is clean and if it is halal. Yes! Slendez meals are certified Halal. Just mix it with lukewarm water, stir, and it is ready to drink.

Other benefits of Slendez meal SS:

  • It fulfills your daily nutritional needs
  • It promotes an optimal energy balance
  • It is time-saving and convenient
  • Provides you with sufficient iron needs to curb certain addictions.

To learn more about Slendez meal nutritious replacement, please click on this link.

Our Inner Health Reflects On Our Outer Appearance

Did you know that how we look reveals a lot about our inner health? If your body has enough nutrients, it shows in your skin. If you are healthy inside, you will have that radiant glow complexion. But failing to nourish your body will likely result in a pale and dull complexion. To make matters worse, it is not only your complexion that will suffer but also your mental and emotional well being. Feeling sick will cause you long-term stress that will affect your personal relationship and your career.



So to look good at all times and be able to meet your obligations and career with a full mind, body, and heart, treat whatever needs to be treated and stay healthy. Make it a habit to drink your Slendez meal Nutritious meal replacement starting today!

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