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Paranoid After The Prolonged Pandemic Blog Featured Image

Paranoid After The Prolonged Pandemic

In just less than a year, the Novel Corona (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the world. It dramatically affects day-to-day activities across the globe. It changed our working, learning, and interaction as social distancing opens its way to a virtual existence,...

What You Need To Know Of Disease Outbreak Blog Featured Image

What You Need To Know Of Disease Outbreak

Disease outbreaks are fundamentally the same as epidemics. Epidemics or outbreaks occur when there is a rapid growth of the infected. The rise of cases of infectious disease can happen every year and in any country. It can last for...

Covid Vaccine Insurance blog featured image

Covid Vaccine Insurance

The Covid pandemic period has, on the whole, been a rather stressful period for me as I imagine it is the same for others. My life was suddenly disrupted, and the period that followed is not something I would recommend...

Increasing Domestic Violence During MCO Blog Featured Image

Increasing Domestic Violence

Home – One of the primary necessities a human needs. The safest place we can ever think of. It gives us assurance and comfort of not being harmed. But that is not the case for some. It is heartbreaking knowing...

Ending Domestic Violence Against Women Blog Featured Image

Domestic Violence

Abuse is a very common problem in our society with the number of cases increasingly on the rise. One (1) in five (5) women experience abuse and the estimated number affected by domestic violence counts to ten (10) million people...

Where To Travel After Covid 19 blog featured image

Where To Travel After The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has freaked me out on many levels. There is the fear of contracting the disease or worse my children getting ill. Then the pandemic has prolonged home isolation. And I got more freaked out on issues of...

Some Of The Most Common Mental Disorders In This Covid 19 Pandemic Blog Featured Image

How COVID Effecting Children’s Mental Health

Home quarantined! Schools closed! Parks closed! Businesses closed! Just mentioning these is stressing me. But do you know that children who are quarantined with us at home are experiencing distress as well? A recent study published that children had increased...

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