Where To Travel After The COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has freaked me out on many levels. There is the fear of contracting the disease or worse my children getting ill. Then the pandemic has prolonged home isolation. And I got more freaked out on issues of economic crisis due to business and companies getting closed. On top of that were concerns about homeschooling and anxiety among children. A lot of frightening things have happened in the world. And it’s not the best time to be a mum. With all the stresses associated with being home, I am looking forward to getting my life back.


My Top 6 Travel Destinations After COVID-19

Somehow, we are not sure about how tourism and traveling will look like after the pandemic. But experts predicted that traveling would never be the same again. Some countries though are already in the period of getting their new normal underway. And this includes discussion about reopening borders for tourism. This tourism mechanism was named the travel bubble. Whichever the case, I have created my list of where to go places after COVID-19. These countries have more things in common. First, all these countries were lauded for flattening their COVID-19 curve. Second, the leaders of these countries are all women. And that is just a wow! And most of all, these countries have the most beautiful landscapes and a sense of happiness and peace.


Germany is a romantic country. It’s perfect for a couple’s getaway. Immerse in the artistic and free culture of Berlin or the highly preserved culture of Munich. Take a lovely stroll in the romantic road and the black forest. Then finish the day with a beer tasting.


Belgium is not as appreciated as its neighboring countries Germany and France. But if you are like me who likes comforting home foods, Belgium is the perfect place for you. It’s a laid down country certified as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Everything is picturesque and Instagram worthy from the local homes to cultural attractions.

New Zealand

COVID-19 or not, New Zealand has been in our bucket list for too long. There is a reason why it’s known for kiwi magic and middle Earth. If you are looking for nature experience, New Zealand is a complete package.


Don’t let the country’s name intimidate you. There is more to see in Iceland than just glaciers. Appreciate Northern lights that you only see from your children’s cartoon. Plus there are elegant buildings, geothermal pools, and incredible natural attractions.


Where to travel when your life is full of chaos? It’s in Denmark! They ranked first as the happiest country in the world. Imagine city streets that are not honking traffic. Instead, you can bike or stroll around without worrying about anything. The scenery and the overall vibe of the city are so tranquil and peaceful. Enjoy museums, art galleries, renaissance buildings, and vintage fashion boutiques.


If you can choose a second home, then make it Finland. Peace and calmness is the very culture of the people in this country. Not only is their nature well reserved, but their respect for peace is what makes this country unique. Bring your sauna experience to a greater experience in this country. It’s a practice rooted in the tradition of finding peace in your mind, body, and soul. But besides landscape, architecture, and northern lights, you will enjoy your shopping spree in the city as well.


Where to travel is the places where your heart belongs

This is my ultimate mummy dream. To go to places and enjoy connecting to myself more. Places that can transform my chaos to tranquility. Where time is not what matters, but my happiness and the contentment of my soul.

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