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We are gradually easing into the Christmas season and its promise of fun times spent with family and loved ones. For some of us, there may be little out of the ordinary with our festive celebrations, while some of us enjoy incredibly rich Christmas traditions associated with our local Christmas celebration. Regardless it would be great to check out some beautiful and colorful traditions that say Christmas! all over the world, so hang on for the ride!

Cavalcade Of lights, Toronto, Canada

Canada sets the sparks to Christmas, they do. The Cavalcade in Canada is an annual event that represents the official start of the Christmas season in Toronto. Event highlights include the lighting of the city’s giant (50 foot) Christmas tree, as well as the square with thousands of energy-efficient lamps, live musical performances, skating parties, and then showtime! Beautiful Fireworks go out all over the place, creating an enchanting and surreal atmosphere to begin Christmas with.

Sponsor Cavalcade of Lights – City of Toronto

The Yule lads In Iceland

With all that lovely snow, Iceland sounds like a pretty likely place to run into Santa. As it is, Santa is not the only Christmas character you would encounter in Iceland. The Yule Lads are also very much part of the show! There are thirteen of them, one for each of the thirteen nights leading to Christmas. Clad in traditional costume, they visit Icelandic children and leave presents on the shoes of the nice little boys and girls and then rotting potatoes for those who have been behaving rather poorly.

The Thirteen Yule Lads of Iceland | Wall Street International Magazine

The Giant Lights’ Festival In The Philippines

The city of San Fernando in the Philippine doesn’t have a dull Christmas season. That’s for sure. They have deservedly nicknamed the Christmas capital of the Philippines for their jaw-dropping show that attracts spectators from all over the country. Several villages compete to see who can make the most beautiful giant and intricately patterned lanterns lighted up with LED for the festival of the giant lanterns held on the Saturday before Christmas.

Christmas in the Philippines - V Fashion World

Day Of The Little Candles In Colombia

This lovely Christmas tradition marks the beginning of the Christmas season in Colombia. People light candles and paper lanterns across their homes, balconies, and windows in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the immaculate conception. This popular tradition’s stunning effect sees entire towns and cities glow up with beautiful displays of light, especially in the places where competition for them is held.

Day of the Little Candles in Colombia

The Gavle Goats In Sweden

A vital part of the Christmas celebrations in Sweden features the Gavle goat, a giant straw effigy of a goat built on the first Sunday of advent in Gavle, Sweden. How long it stays up is very variable as there’s also something of a tradition of people trying to burn it down. A more extended survival period for the goat usually draws cheers from the locals and other friends of the 43 feet effigy, which also usually doubles as the world’s most giant straw goat for the period.

Gavle Goat and the Swedish city's battle to stop vandals burning down their Christmas symbol - ABC News

A Summer Christmas In Australia

Australia is fondly known as the land down under, so of course, their Christmas celebrations can sometimes turn a bit unusual. First, there’s no snow! Christmas’ time falls in the summer in Australia so there. Australian Christmas traditions usually involve outdoor activities such as surfing-Santa has sometimes been found, not on a reindeer but a surfboard! Barbecued meals, evergreen Christmas trees, and beach picnics where sometimes Santa shows up in shorts (because, duh, it’s Australia) are very much part of Christmas here.

How Do People in Australia Celebrate Summer Christmas? | by Suri Do | Medium


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