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If you plan a family trip, there are a couple of United States destinations that readily jump to mind. Florida, New York, Washington. These are all fun places everyone knows a family can catch some real fun in. But that’s not all there’s to the United States. If you are looking for an enchanting family trip, you can explore some enjoyable options outside those popular spots. These places are rich in culture and fun amusements. They are also perfect places to unwind and enjoy some time off. We will look at some of these fantastic places you can visit once borders are opened:

1.Portland, Maine

This doesn’t always come top in Holiday brochures, but this charming seaside city is an underrated destination. There are plenty of things to come here for. On the fantastic coastline, you can hold family walks along while appreciating the scenic lighthouses. The bustling scene downtown that will charm you in, so will its history and culture. This place is steeped in both. Many historic homes lie in this place, and there are some available tours to explore elements of history in the area. Park concerts and art events have a pride of place here. You’re never short of places to discover or things to do as a family while here—an excellent choice for a family trip.

2. Sedona, Arizona

A desert holiday has a certain ring to it. It promises to charm and adventure. On those premises, this location delivers. The scenery is impressive, with the background of red rock and sand making for excellent photos. Photo ops are not the only thing to come here for, though. Hiking is a top fun activity to indulge in here, with several scenic trails to check out. There is also the arts and crafts village, with its shops and streets waiting to be explored.

3. Sacramento, California

The search for Gold brought thousands here two centuries ago. Today, visitors look for a golden experience, which this place will certainly provide you with. History and scenery are very much on offer here. While in Sacramento, the family can take walks through the old town, which still holds many United States history elements, and relish the feel of pioneer life. There is also the Sacramento golden bride to be checked out, among other attractions.

4. Albuquerque, New Mexico

If there are Hollywood buffs in the family, this place is instantly recognizable. It is increasingly being used to shoot some of the most popular flicks, including The Avengers. If this is a prime reason for you visiting, you can make the most of it by using the film location map provided on the city website. There are other reasons, however, to come up to town. The more adventurous ones in the family can ascend in a hot air balloon with the rainbow Ryders, or the entire family might check out the ranch life in the area.

5. Cincinnati, Ohio

This is a place great for the kids. It’s also budget-friendly and every inch, a lovable experience. There’s a lot to see in this area– like Washington park waiting to be explored, along with its attendant attractions including the zoo and botanical garden, the riverfront, as well as the streetcars.

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