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There are many themes you may consider when planning a family trip. Should the trip be centered around nature parks? Or would historical sites be more in line? Or maybe just a famous place to appreciate with the kids. One thing you didn’t think about was a game world. A game world built around the concepts and characters of much-loved games was released by a famous console brand–like Disneyland. Possibly characters both you and the younger generation relate to. Yeah, the prospect is fascinating. Lucky for you, we know just the place and time–so hang on with us for the ride.


Super Mario In Real Life!

The Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan opens on the 4th of February, 2021. This is a collaborative venture between Nintendo and universal studios to bring a real-life version of the world in their much-loved games. Millions of people worldwide have had fun on their computers, transversing the world of Super Mario. Now, thanks to this initiative, that game world comes to real life for a bit. There are few things more exciting than this. It has all the thrills of amusement parks with the added benefits of being very relatable for game lovers. And let’s add: There are even fewer places you or the kids would rather be at that time!

What’s In It For Visitors?

Getting to experience the world of super Mario outside your screens. Walking around in a game environment in real life is a very surreal experience. When the game is one you’ve spent long hours playing, like millions worldwide have with super Mario and Yoshi, it becomes even more personal and nostalgic. A once in a blue moon experience. Visitors to the Super Nintendo world can relive many famous elements from the game. There are AR Mario Kart rides and other fun games based on the hugely popular Super Mario and Yoshi series. The family also explores real life and not within a computer screen, life-sized castles of Princess Peach and Bowser.

It’s A Fun And Thrilling Idea For Family Activities.

There aren’t many more thrilling activities to do with the children while on holiday than racing down tracks in the Koopa’s challenge ride with VR headsets to enhance your experience. There are rides based on the Yoshi series where visitors get to mount the dinosaur from the game while they relive the gameplay’s potions. The other games and attractions available at Nintendo world are also going to be real fun. The entire theme package from the start to the end is a real thriller. You can bet it’s top among our recommendations for excellent ways to start 2021.

How To Get There

We understand that you can’t just turn up there without any preliminaries. So much, the pity. However, here’s what to do to realize your aim of visiting the Nintendo game world at the beginning of next year:

First, to access Super Nintendo World, you need tickets or Universal studios Japan passes. These are available on their website as well as a couple of other places. Suppose you want to more leisurely enjoy the experience without having to endure long queues. In that case, there are “Area Timed Entry Ticket” or “Area Timed Entry Ticket: advanced booking” available for you. With these, you can get straight to business with the rides and other fun attractions. Then, of course, this is probably the most essential thing if you want to experience the Super Mario game world in real life: you have to show up.

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