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Emotional And Mental Health Blog Featured Image

Emotional And Mental Health

There are times that we feel depressed, anxious, and lonely due to some unexpected changes in our life, or loss of a loved one, heartbreak, or that kind of loneliness that you don't even know the reason behind. The truth...

How Working Mothers Deal With Stress Blog Featured Image
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How Working Mothers Deal With Stress

Mothers who work full time also suffer stress emotionally and physically, just like single mothers. What if you are a single mother who also works full-time? This is not a new situation. Nowadays, many single parents are juggling the responsibilities...

Discipline Or Child Abuse Blog Featured Image

Discipline Or Child Abuse?

Values are what separates good people from bad people. It is our standard of what is wrong and what is right. And these values are taught and instilled through our childhood from our parent's discipline. Discipline is a system of...

Pagophagia Causes And How To Cure It Blog Featured Image

Pagophagia Causes And How To Cure It

Like many people, I enjoy an iced drink on a scorching day. We all need that chilled refreshment from the heat–I certainly do. However, did you know some people have a strong urge and craving to chew on ice every...

Some Of The Most Common Mental Disorders In This Covid 19 Pandemic Blog Featured Image

How COVID Effecting Children’s Mental Health

Home quarantined! Schools closed! Parks closed! Businesses closed! Just mentioning these is stressing me. But do you know that children who are quarantined with us at home are experiencing distress as well? A recent study published that children had increased...

Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle Blog Featured Image

Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle was at the bottom of my priorities as a young mum. Health was a term I could only connect to my children. I was not particular about living healthy before my kids. I was young and energetic....

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