Health Tips To Gain A Healthy Mind, Body, And Soul

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A healthy woman is someone who nurtures her mind, body, and soul. She has the drive to achieve what she wants and the resilience to overcome. In my article, tips for a healthy lifestyle, I presented the definition of women’s health by the World Health Organization and the University of Utah. In both definitions, they supported the idea that health is a complete state of wellness in our physical, mental, and social aspects.

Here, I have condensed health tips to gain more than a healthy body, but a balance of a healthy mind, body, and soul.

Holistic Health Tips

Physical Health

  1. Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. This way, you have a greater success rate in your fitness and nutrition goals.
  2. Prepare make-ahead healthy snacks. Not only will you have available healthy snacks every time for the family, but you will also eliminate a daily task.
  3. Eat full meals, especially breakfast. This will help you avoid munching all day and avoid all the extra calories.
  4. Stay hydrated. Thirst and hunger have the same body signal. So the next time you think it’s time for another snack, check if you have forgotten to drink water.
  5. Make exercise your lifestyle. The secret to effective exercise is commitment and consistency. Schedule your exercise and commit to it. If you can’t spend a long time on exercise, do mini workouts within the day. You can also do your exercise with your kids and enjoy the quality time together.
  6. Get enough sleep. A good sleep generates more energy and increases your productivity. Every task will seem impossible if you feel tired due to a lack of sleep.

Emotional Health

  1. Create a gratitude list daily. A gratitude list or journal will reduce negative emotions and increase your optimism.
  2. Practice self-control. Your ability to do self-control enables you to choose the right things and to persevere for your goals.
  3. Manage your stress. Learning about your stress triggers will help you manage your stress. This builds the feeling of control, so you regain your focus and be creative.
  4. Learn to say no. Avoid accepting favors that you cannot deliver. This will only create unnecessary guilt and frustration.

Social Health

  • Build a support group. Your group will provide an opportunity for you to share your experiences and associated emotions. The goal is to find people who understand your circumstances. You learn coping strategies from each other as well.
  • Expand your network. When you expand your network, you are allowing yourself to explore new things and not to feel alone all the time.
  • Be authentic. Being authentic will create a healthy social relationship. You don’t want to invest time and emotion into people who will not appreciate your personality in the long run.

Intellectual Health

  • Read for fun. This served as both entertainment and brain activity. This stretches your intellect through imagination.
  • Play a musical instrument. Playing a musical instrument practices your focus and memory.
  • Write journals. Journaling helps with emotional and intellectual wellness. By journaling, you exercise thinking while finding the right words to describe your emotion. You also exercise your memory by recalling details.
  • Learn new skills. Find something that interests you and learn new skills. Learning new skills engaged your mind and body.

Environmental Health

  • Create a wellness corner. May it be a plush chair or a soft rug, whatever makes you feel good, set it up in a corner to create your favorite place in your home.
  • Add indoor plants. Indoor plants give many benefits to us. It helps with beautifying our house and immediately improves our mood. It clears toxins from the air and provides humidity inside our homes.
  • Go minimalist. Create less clutter at home by being a minimalist. It helps with mental clarity and less stress.

Financial Health

  • Spend mindfully. It’s crucial to identify needs from wants. Make your needs priority and be very discreet with buying wants. If you are considering buying something you want, give it a few days before finally buying.
  • Start saving early. A financial advisor told me that the best time to spare was yesterday. If you start early, it becomes less urgent and easier to reach your financial goals. Don’t wait for retirement before saving!
  • Build and maintain your emergency fund. Crises are the greatest stressor for us. Build your emergency fund and make sure that you continue to maintain it. You will probably use it, but don’t feel bad and be grateful that you have something to use. Instead, as soon as you are able, start replenishing.

Spiritual Health

  • Forgive yourself and others. Nothing distracts us from spiritual health than unforgiveness. Be kind to yourself and forgive all the mistakes you have made. Forgive others more for yourself than the person you are forgiving.
  • Be compassionate. Finding inner peace is from being kind. It enables you to understand yourself and others as you seek inner peace.
  • Do good for others. Doing something good for others changes our perspective. We focus on the good feeling and the outcomes of what we do. It boosts our self-identity and self-worth.

The secret to holistic health is balance. It is the harmony of each domain to function individually and work to support each other. Make health your priority, and you can conquer the desires of your heart. Check out the other health tips from our health category.

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