Must-see Travel Destinations In Kuala Lumpur

The Must-see Travel Destinations in Kuala Lumpur Blog Featured ImageThe Must-see Travel Destinations in Kuala Lumpur Blog

Kuala Lumpur is a wonderful city offering an assortment of activities for all ages. KL, as called by the locals, is a melting pot for culture. It’s a city vibrant with majestic skyscrapers and surprisingly a lot of nature parks. That being said, Kuala Lumpur is a city that has it all for you.

This is good news for mummies! Travelling has become obligatory for the children. With kids in tow, it becomes exhausting when the kids get bored. But KL is the best family holiday destination for a Malaysia trip. Kids will get the best of learning from science, history, arts, and culture. Plus, this city that never (really) sleeps has endless activities that fit their energy.

Mummies will love nature, pampering, and shopping in the city as well. It has a mix of adventure and relaxation that you badly needed.


Must-see Destination In Kuala Lumpur


Petronas: Tallest Twin Tower in the World

The Petronas twin tower was recorded as the highest building in the world from 1988 to 2004. It was then taken over by Taipei 101. However, Petronas remains proud and tall as the tallest twin tower in the world. It has 88 stories with both towers connected by a double-decker sky bridge at the 41st and 42nd floor.

It housed Petronas Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur Convention, Aquaria, and Suria KLCC. And over its vicinity is the KLCC Park. It features a jogging track, walking path, water fountain, and a splashing pool for children.

Suria KLCC is a shopping mall that sits right beneath the Petronas Towers. The mall serves all types of customer’s budgets. But the truth is it’s not only a mall. It’s a destination for shoppers and science enthusiasts. It showcases the Petronas Science Center exhibiting science and its application in everyday life. It also houses prime restaurants and café. And it may continue to develop as they stay true to their tagline “always something new”.

ChinaTown: Colorful and Oriental Heritage

China town also known as Petaling Street is a well-known as a place that never sleeps and a paradise for budget shoppers. It is rows after rows of stalls with assortments of bargains. It turns more vibrant and colorful at night. The night market is the star of the night as it offers a new experience in shopping.

If you are the food-tourist kind, then you will enjoy this place as Chinese restaurants dotted the place. When you think you had your fill, you’ll spot foot massage and reflexology parlours around the area to complete your China Town experience.

Sunway Lagoon Theme Parks: Family Fun Entertainment

Sunway Lagoon has six exciting attractions. These are the water park, scream park, amusement park, extreme park, wildlife park, and Nickelodeon lost lagoon. The park began its operation in 1992 with its first attraction which is the water park. It then expanded to six attractions with over 80 rides and more attractions. Some include interactive scare, world adventure, educational zoo, extreme sports, and nickelodeon characters.


Family Vacation Is KL At Its Best

A family vacation should always be fulfilling, not only for the children but for parents as well. And since we already found the jackpot destination, look forward to more destinations in Kuala Lumpur. Here are other places that you should check-out for your KL trip.

  • Menara KL Tower
  • Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
  • Sultan Abdul Samad Building
  • National Mosque of Malaysia
  • Little India
  • Jalan Alor
  • Tugu Negara
  • Berjaya Times Square
  • Forest Eco Park
  • Batu Caves

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