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Home – One of the primary necessities a human needs. The safest place we can ever think of. It gives us assurance and comfort of not being harmed. But that is not the case for some. It is heartbreaking knowing they are unsafe from their own home. Domestic violence is not limited to women only, but also children and another gender. With the diversity of today’s generation, discrimination and violence are also on the rise. The ongoing pandemic due to COVID-19 has a high impact on the increasing domestic violence during MCO. Movement Control Order, also referred to by local and international media as lockdown, is implemented to flatten the curve.

It is to prohibit mass gatherings, travel abroad, restrictions of entry of tourists, closure of schools, and closure of government and private premises except those engaged in essential services. The world was put on a halt. Some took this time to catch up on things they have been putting off due to a busy day at work. But for some, they just wanted the nightmare to end.


A Little Goes A Long Way

Domestic violence results in a long-term negative impact. It often leads to depression and anxiety. The trauma will haunt the victim for a long time. Worst, it is possible for the victim to commit suicide. This is why a healthy support system is necessary. There are ways to help ease the suffering:

  • Maintain consistent communication and support from family and friends through email, phone, etc.
  • Try to maintain daily routines.
  • Engage and make time for physical activities and enough sleep.
  • Seek care from a trained medical practitioner for symptoms, which includes injuries that require medical attention.

Continuous healthcare services for issues related to violence during this pandemic is possible through an online platform or through phone whichever is feasible for your situation.


Act Quick!

The initiative of a domestic violence victim will go to waste if the people she expects help from will not act and do their part. Their hope of being saved will shatter, and who knows how they will be able to handle another torture. If meddling with someone else’s business will bring them light, it is better to interfere before it is too late. Bear in mind that they are with their perpetrator who monitors every move of the victim. It is best to find out how to establish communication but discreetly avoid the risk of additional harm to the victim.

One kind act goes a long way. Every minute counts when it comes to saving lives. We must never doubt when it comes to saving lives. We can do something in our little way. It is much easier for us to use a lot of platforms where we can extend our help. Even the start of small conversation will give a light of hope.

We still have a long way to go in totally educating people against domestic violence and its impact on a person. The proper tools in educating people against domestic violence are a great way to help decrease these incidents. With this, we can give hope back that a home is our safest place, sanctuary, and comfort. There is no need to fear being at home.

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