Macrophages And Its Function

What is macrophage and what it's function Blog Featured ImageWhat is macrophage and what it's function Blog

As a mother, there are times that exhaustion will get the best of me after all the household chores and taking care of my children. That’s why I need to maintain a healthy body because I believe that I could do more in my life if I am strong and healthy. Of course, I believe that getting enough rest, eating fruits and vegetables, and exercising regularly will also contribute to my overall health.

Aside from following a healthy routine with my food intake and sufficient rest, I am also recommending the ingestion of a health supplement named Shiruto. Shiruto is effective in maintaining a healthy body, mainly that it contains specific ingredients in producing macrophages involved in the detection and destruction of harmful bacteria that infiltrated the body.


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Shiruto is one of BE International’s high-quality, signature products. BE International is an innovative and networking company that aims to provide superior quality products to its customers so their customers can lead a quality lifestyle with tip-top health. This prestige brand is well known in Malaysia and has been recognized as one of Malaysia’ Health and Wellness brands in 2019. Being recognized for this award is a manifestation of the brand’s serious pursuits in promoting fashion and health.



What are Macrophages?

Macrophages are specialized cells that can detect, to aid in Phagocytosis, and to destroy the bacteria that might harm the body.  When a cell uses its plasma membrane to engulf a large particle, Phagocytosis takes place:

  • Macrophages strengthen the immune system of any person who can produce these cells.
  • They also induce antigens to T cells that will trigger inflammation by producing cytokines that are needed to activate other cells that improve immunity.
  • The macrophage cells travel and circulate through every tissue in detecting pathogens and then removing dead cells.


What are the different types of Macrophages?

Below are the different types of macrophages, their location, and their function. Developing multiple macrophages could be beneficial:

  • Alveolar macrophage – These white blood “dust cells” are found in the lungs’ alveoli. These cells are responsible for the Phagocytosis of harmful particles and will improve the immunity of persons to respiratory pathogens.
  • Kupffer cells – These are located in the liver. These cells will improve immune responses and remodeling of hepatic tissues.
  • Microglia – These are formed in the central nervous system. These will eradicate dead neurons and protect the brain.
  • Splenic macrophages (marginal zone, metallophilic and red pulp macrophages) – These are located in the spleen marginal zone, red and white pulp. These could eradicate old red blood cells.


Why should you use Shiruto?


Taking in Shiruto is beneficial for strengthening the immune system. These are some of its key features:

  • It has a high-potency fermented wheat extract combined with synergistic nutrients, including Vitamin C and Beta-glucan that are used to support and maintain a healthy body.
  • Formulated to help support, sustain, and maintain a healthy body system.
  • The fermentation and extraction processes are internationally patented, assuring its outstanding quality.
  • The Fermented Wheat Extract (IP-PA1) aids in strengthening and enhancing your health.
  • Because of increased immunity, it reduces the frequency of illness and risk of allergies.
  • Shortens the recovery time during an illness.
  • Improves overall wellness.


Enhancing wellness with Shiruto

Shiruto will surely enhance your immune system such as it did with mine. Since I’ve been consistently taking the supplement for a while now, I have felt better throughout the time. I have also observed that I have not been frequently sick. The results are truly beneficial when taking Shiruto.

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