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Ice probably doesn’t feature very highly on our dream menus, and that’s hardly surprising. Asides being used to chill drinks on a hot day, there is little to be said for ice as a menu item. However, a couple of people have the habit of often eating ice. As it turns out, this habit can be considerably unpleasant. I had experienced some rather undesirable ice effects, like when the ice blocks made my teeth go all chill. Also, when my teeth ached for a bit after I indulged in a drink with the ice blocks still very much in it. My experience was on the milder side, as eating ice can have more pronounced and deleterious effects than merely causing the teeth to ache for a bit. Let me share some of the more severe effects of eating ice.

Chewing On Ice Can Cause Many Dental Issues

Eating Ice can cause several dental severe issues. It might even take the form of a ripple effect. Let me put it this way–if you continuously binge on ice over time, the tooth enamel, which is not designed to assist in the digestion of ice, starts to wear down and become weaker. Eventually, the enamel broke down, and the cavity developed. The development of tooth decay leads to increased teeth sensitivity, gum trouble, which might ultimately require a root canal treatment to alleviate the pain. Several serious but otherwise avoidable dental issues arise from eating ice.

Munching On Ice Hurts Your Stomach

The potential adverse effects of eating ice may not only be restricted to the oral cavity. An increasing number of people bemoan of stomach trouble after eating ice. I have, on occasion, felt a bit of stomach discomfort after taking icy drinks. It was bad enough that I still cringe a bit on remembering the chilly uncomfortable feeling the last time it happened. I imagine the pain is probably way worse with pagophagia. Eating Ice may also slow down digestion so that you may end up with indigestion and the attendant effects. If you have an ulcer, you will better off skipping ice as it can worsen the stomach linings’ irritation, causing pain.

Eating Ice Can Be A Sign Of A Disease

I would also like to point out that eating ice is that it can be harmful, not so much for what it does, which can be very serious, but for what it shows – the underlying condition behind it. Eating Ice may be due to iron deficiency, calcium deficiency, or even possible mental health issues. If the ice eating is a component of an eating disorder called pica, where non-edible items are ingested, the other parts may hold more harmful effects for the body. Regardless of which it is, it should be referred for medical attention.


I wouldn’t be recommending ice as a regular menu item anytime soon. It’s okay enough when it’s used to chill drinks, but that should be about it. As I have pointed out above, eating ice comes with several potentially damaging effects. When considered with the fact that it has no nutritional value, it becomes something you are far better off not eating. However, where a compulsive urge to eat ice exists, prompt medical attention should be sought as it may be a sign of a severe underlying condition that needs to be treated.

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