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No one wants blemishes on their skin. It’s no wonder as they can hardly be described as the most appealing skin features. Although they are only very rarely a sign of something dangerous, they still have cosmetic implications of varying seriousness. They don’t do anything to improve the skin appearance and can, on occasion, significantly impact skin appearance negatively. Everyone wants to be rid of their blemishes, but how? Below are some tips on how to get rid of them.


Know What Kind Of Blemish Is Affecting Your Skin

This is the first step towards getting rid of blemishes. This step is essential because there are different possible kinds of flaws that affect the skin. These have different modes of treatment. Knowing what type of blemish affects your skin enables you to adopt more specific and efficient treatment methods. Some of the common kinds of imperfections affecting the skin include:

  • Acne
  • Rash
  • Melasma
  • Age spots
  • Birthmarks

Depending on what kind of blemish affects your skin, you can try any of the following methods.

1.Improved Skin Hygiene And Care

This is a more generalized way of improving the conditions of blemishes. Some blemishes are caused as a result of infectious or inflammatory processes—improved skin hygiene such as regular baths and special care given to the skin well in these cases. Spa and exfoliation treatments also come in handy here. Combining all these methods works because it clears dead skin cells, prevents skin conditions that worsen the degree of blemish, and gives the skin a chance to revitalize and heal.

2. Acne Treatments

Acne is one of the most common causes of blemishes. Several medications are available for treating acne. These include topical creams designed to stop the inflammatory process and the ones intended to clear the residual blemish left on the skin. Using a combination of these OTC medications such as benzoyl peroxide and tretinoin creams and preventive measures to avoid acne worsening effectively in dealing with blemishes from acne.

3. Anti-hyperpigmentation Creams

Blemishes sometimes occur in some regions of the skin due to excessive melanin production there. When excessive melanin is produced in an area of skin, hyperpigmentation results. This can be treated by some prescription creams which contain hydroquinone, which reduces the rate at which melanin is produced. This is useful for melasma, age spots, and the resultant hyperpigmentation from acne.

4. Natural Home Remedies

These are effective and natural modes of clearing blemishes. They are useful adjuncts to any of the other methods discussed above. They involve the use of the following natural products for skin treatment: Tomato juice, which is rich in vitamin c and also a powerful antioxidant for skin treatment, lemon juice, honey, baking soda, yogurt mask, oatmeal mask, and egg white. These are some of the many natural products effective for blemish removal.


This article has discussed various kinds of blemishes and steps you can take for their removal. Appropriately combining the tips given here will lead to more effective and quicker results. When a blemish begins to change or look dangerous suddenly, you should see your doctor for advice on how to handle it.

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