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According to our parents, sleeping late at night can trigger our pimples and acne. But according to medical studies, acne is a chronic and inflammatory skin condition that produces dark spots and pimples in some parts of our body. Our porous skin is connected to oil glands through follicles which produce and secretes liquid. When the follicles get blocked, that’s the time when the pimples start growing, and the oil builds up under our skin. This kind of skin condition usually occurs during puberty. Once our sebaceous glands activate, red and dark spots will start appearing which leaves tiny scars in our faces. The most common causes that might trigger our skin are:

  • Medicine that contains Androgen and Lithium
  • Greasy Cosmetics
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Menstruation
  • Emotional Stress

Since we all come to this stage, we must keep away from staying in this phase. Taking supplements that can help us in having a healthier and stronger immune system is a huge life changer. The one and the only maintenance that helps me to boost not only my immune system but also my confidence is the Shiruto supplement. It comes with synergistic nutrients, specifically Vitamin C and Beta-glucan that can help us maintain a healthy body.


Shiruto supplement as a treatment for acne

In medicine, some products claim to be the best above the rest when it comes to immune-boosting supplements. But these brands sometimes failed to yield good results to the consumer. Until BE International came up with Shiruto – Vitamins of Immunity. This supplement has undoubtedly changed my life. It helps to control my daughter eczema skin and best friend skin becoming glow after consuming it.  As for my own experience, it helps for my fresh scars to get faster recovery.

Aside from Vitamin C and Beta-glucan, it also comes with high-potency fermented wheat extract or IP-PA1 that will activate the macrophage, which enhances our immune system. Once the macrophage activates in our body, it helps to:

  • Eradicates aged and abnormal cells
  • Repairs our damaged cells
  • Keep our body from pathogens
  • Regulate our Immune System back to normal

If this supplemental product synchronizes perfectly with your body cell, strengthening your immune system will never be a problem. You can easily fight against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and dust that can trigger your skin, causing the appearance of acne, leaving small scars on your face.


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How does Shiruto work?

While we go on with our daily activities, we cannot deny the fact that we will be facing millions of potential pathogens that can cause diseases.  Our body comes with an innovative immune system which provides a 24/7 shield from the dirt. It might be brought by the air that can put your skin into danger. With that, this supplement can provide:

  • External protection against pathogens
  • Internal eradication of aged and abnormal cells

As an outcome, macrophages will be kept activated to keep our immune system stronger than usual.



As a girl with sensitive skin, entrusting your physical appearance with the Shiruto – Vitamins of Immunity is the wisest thing to do. Together with having self-protection and self-care, you can eliminate your pimples and acne in no time. Aside from the outside impact, you can also be healthier on the inside. Some other diseases can be prevented once you take in with this vitamin. If you lose your confidence because of other people’s judgment, never stop trying to restore it for as long as there’s a solution.

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