What Is Far Infrared Radiation (FIR)

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Having comfortable pants could be possible by integrating science into apparel. Aside from fashion, comfort is also the priority of Aulora pants that improve the absorption of far infrared radiation (FIR) that is good for the human skin. Aulora pants contain Kodenshi® Fiber that is an essential component for comfort. Aulora pants, a product by the BE International, became a staple in my closet as a mother as I am doing many chores in a day that I didn’t need to change my clothes more often.


Why is retaining FIR making clothes comfortable?

Far infrared radiation (FIR) is responsible for the transmission of energy in the form of heat to human skin. This heat is termed as thermo-receptors. Research has been conducted regarding the FIR’s biological effects. It has been known that thermal radiation or FIR has been known to treat certain discomforts in humans for many years.

What are the benefits of Far infrared radiation (FIR) in the human body?

  • Aids in the relaxation of muscles
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Improves blood flow
  • Helps in muscle recovery after it being strained
  • Improve the health of patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and chronic kidney disease

An avenue where you could be treated with Far infrared radiation (FIR) are heated saunas. Heated saunas are the oldest avenue and will transmit heat in a controlled environment that fits the convenient time of customers. With tech advancement, there might be better means in delivering pure Far infrared radiation (FIR) aside from heated saunas.


Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) in Aulora Pants

Aulora pants promote fashion and fitness at the same time. And if you wear it, you will gain multiple benefits from wearing it like:

Flatten your stomach, tighten your waist, tighten your pelvic as well as lifting up your buttocks. With a special ingredient called Kodenshi® Fiber, you can retain your body temperature that will improve the absorption of far infrared rays. This energy releases the far infrared (body temperature) to the wearer’s body, increasing your body blood circulation and at the same time, promoting your health and well-being. Since the fabric is breathable, these pants are highly comfortable and are skin-friendly.


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Combine health and fashion with Aulora pants

Wearing Aulora pants could definitely improve my skin’s health as it does not only mean that I will look good in it, but it is also healthy and comfortable at the same time. Wearing the pants means that there will be fewer chances of skin irritation and I wouldn’t need to sweat a lot, especially if I’m doing chores or performing yoga. The pants are made to increase my confidence and make me feel a thousand times lighter.

With the mentioned features and with Kodenshi® Fiber embedded into the pants, it is worth wearing. Because it looks stylish, I wouldn’t need to change my pants when I’m going out of the house. It will save time in doing so too. There are no other pants that prioritize health and fashion at the same time as the Aulora pants.

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