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Berries are delicious food. Most of us have savored the sweet, rich taste of their juice. I certainly have! However, did you know that being delicious is not all there’s to say about berries? They are also very nutritious, and what’s more? They are great for skincare! Berries as skincare agents is a function that’s not very much talked about. These super berries are not usually talked about, considering the multiple gains berries carry where skin health is concerned. Here are five benefits for the skin berries offer:

1. Berries keep your skin hydrated

All that juice in berries contains a decent proportion of water, helping your skin maintain sufficient turgor to retain its supple, healthy look. It also helps in preventing wrinkling of the skin. All these, in addition to berry juice, tasting much better than ordinary water!

2. Berries are great for preventing premature aging of the skin

Like that of other cells in our body, our skin cells are frequently under stress caused by free radicals. These free radicals, which are products of chemical reactions triggered by metabolism or sunlight, can have damaging effects on the cells. Skin cells are not spared either. Free radicals can have a debilitating impact on the skin and cause it to age prematurely. Enter berries with the antioxidant superpower! Berries contain a lot of antioxidants that help combat free radicals, giving your skin cells a significant boost against the stressor free radicals. With a reduction in the impact of free radicals, your skin is better protected against premature aging.

3. Berries help protect the skin against sun damage

Our skin proteins are made up of collagen and elastin, among other proteins. Collagen gives the skin its structural nature while elastin keeps our skins healthily elastic and firm. Sunlight can have damaging and degrading effects on these skin proteins causing an attendant reduction in skin texture and quality. Berries contain ellagic acid, which fights this damage, granting your skin a better chance out in the sun!

4. Berries give your skin a healthy glow

Berries are becoming popular components of beauty face masks designed to brighten the complexion and make the skin glow. Berries contain vitamins that are involved in keeping the skin smooth and glowing–in addition to other components that are also good for your skin and serve as exfoliants to help you get that clearer, smooth skin. You may want to look into introducing berry extract products into your skincare routine or even trying out your own berry beauty mask mix!

5. Berries are useful against acne

Acne is a common problem, especially among younger adults and teenagers. Here again, berries may prove very useful in the management of acne and some other skin conditions. Berries contain salicylates, which can help in exfoliation and opening of clogged pores that cause acne.



Berries have long been appreciated as a nutritious and delicious treat. However, its potential, especially in skincare, lies far above just being a healthy treat. Some of these skincare perks contained in this delightful treat are also in the form of a drink–making it easy and accessible for you to consume it anytime, any day. Guess there’s no excuse not to incorporate berries into our diet and skincare routines!

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