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Collagen is very popular as a skin care agent. Collagen is a protein found in the connective tissues of the body such as skin and ligaments. Its applications in these tissues are structural and as such is involved in building up these tissues. It is not very surprising that collagen sees a lot of use in beauty and skincare products especially anti-aging creams.


What Are The Benefits Of Collagen?

Collagen provides the body with many benefits. As it is an important structural protein in the body, taking collagen supplements improve the following aspects of the body.

1. Improved Skin Health

Collagen is important for skin health. Skin protein is mostly collagen. Therefore taking collagen supplements keeps your skin firm and healthy. Collagen improves wrinkled skin, revitalizes it, and gives it a younger appearance.

2. Strong Bones

Collagen is required for strong bones. Aging causes a decrease in bone density. Part of this is due to collagen depletion from the bones. Taking collagen supplements boosts your bone density and makes your bones stronger and healthier.

3. Muscle Growth

Collagen is also an important component of muscles. As we grow older, our muscle mass decreases. Taking collagen supplements has the potential to boost muscle mass. Collagen supplements also come in very handy during workout sessions. This is due to collagen being able to stimulate muscle growth during exercise.

Collagen is safe for the body, however, for all the good things out there, you’ll have the downside to the upsides too. We’re not going to lie–there are a few occasional side effects, albeit minor ones. Collagen, while it offers many positive and rejuvenating benefits to the skin, it also has, like virtually every product, some side effects. It is important that you know what these side effects are, and how they may affect you. This in turn will better guide the usage of the product.


So What Are These Side Effects?

Some side effects of collagen intake include:

Unpleasant Effects On The Digestive System

Collagen has been noted in some cases, to be associated with some digestive symptoms. If you use collagen, you may experience symptoms such as you being too full or a bit bloated. These symptoms have also been described as being dependent on the amount used. Users who take too much collagen are more likely to come down with excess gas and constipation. These complaints are not very common but are important to take note of.

Allergy Reactions

This is also very important for you to note if you are considering using collagen. It’s not the collagen per se being responsible for these allergic reactions, but the source they are produced from. Some popular sources of collagen also double as common food allergens. These include fish and dairy products like eggs. If you are allergic to any of these, you should make an effort to check where the collagen in the product you intend to get is sourced from. You may also discuss your usage options with your doctor.

Bad Taste In The Mouth

Some people using collagen have described collagen supplement use as leaving a poor taste in their mouths. This may be inconvenient for some and while it’s not so for everybody, its possibility should still be taken into consideration.



Collagen sees very popular use in our skincare products as well as supplements. Collagen use is generally safe and beneficial for the body. However, collagen use carries some potential side effects as discussed in the article above which you should be aware of. Regardless, there are many amazing benefits you can derive from collagen supplement use, like the highly recommended Belixz Maqnifiq collagen drink.



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