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Leadership was more associated with men in the longest history of humanity. But in recent years, women fight for recognition and equality in the workplace. And they assumed leadership positions, albeit scarcely. Yet, there is also a sad reality that leadership is unequal in the world of women. There have always been comparisons among stay at home vs working mom, including leadership. Leadership though, is not tied in titles and places. It is an influence to create change. And whether a woman is working or stays at home, she has the freedom to assume leadership. Leadership for stay at home women can manifest to their children, in the community, and their networks.


Women are the new breed of effective leaders

Forbes addressed the newest leadership type, which is authentic leadership. According to them, authentic leaders are self-aware and genuine. They are also mission-driven and focused on results. But most importantly, authentic leaders lead with their hearts. It is so that women are the new breed of effective leaders. Their ability to empathize with others and to be honest with who they are is their asset. Authenticity is a natural thing for women, but inequality in leadership has pushed women to think and act like men. Women faced judgment as either too bossy or too soft. Thus, the following tips will help you develop authenticity in leadership roles.

Define personal and professional

To lead as an authentic leader, you need to learn about the personal stories of your subordinates. But it would help if you defined clear boundaries of what is personal and professional. This can be done by communicating your work expectations, such as goals and output.

Inspire success by mentoring

By helping subordinates in overcoming their limitations, they become loyal to your vision. Start by giving support, training, mentorship, and resources. This way, you help them to learn more and to do more. Ultimately, it will benefit your business and your team goals.

Increasing women in leadership roles

Harvard business review says that women face internal challenges in assuming leadership roles, and that leadership is more than just a title. Leadership is indeed a learning process to become comfortable in management roles. The following activities can increase this learning curve for women in leadership roles.

Allow women to rise to the challenge

The first key is to allow women to respond to challenges. Let them use their own set of skills, values, and strategies. This promotes women leaders to have a sense of purpose. It will also present her to others as someone willing to tackle challenges. Her response reflects her authentic self, thus allowing her team to trust her. Acknowledgment of her ability to step-up will help her in assuming her role. She will be encouraged to innovate, assert her ideas, and resolve issues.

The bottom line, the success of women in leadership, relies on finding their voice and being comfortable. If this is achieved, women’s authentic self will be a powerful tool that will make an effective leader.

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