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Do Beautiful Women Get Unfair Advantages In The Workplace?

Do Beautiful Women Get Unfair Advantages In The Workplace Blog Featured ImageDo Beautiful Women Get Unfair Advantages In The Workplace Blog

Did you answer yes?

What if I tell you that research finds out that beauty bias or lookism is the most common bias in employment? Will that affirm your answer? How about if I tell you that another study finds out that 70% of workplace bullies happen between women? Will you reconsider your answer? How can these varying researches answer the question?

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Beautiful Women At Work


According to lookism, attractive people get a higher chance of getting hired and promoted as compared to their average counterparts. And these advantages are both true to men and women. More so, attractive women in the workplace are given more merit as someone that you can trust. We can all go back to grade school and remember all the pretty girls that became teachers’ pets. They got the opportunity to be in the glee club, varsity, and student government.

Why do beautiful women in the workplace get an advantage?

  •  Attractive women beckon attention
  • Attractive women are easily remembered
  • Attractive women have the air of confidence


The queen bee syndrome is the most challenging disadvantage for women in the workplace. It is the typical mean girl in high school. They are women in authority who harasses another woman whom they see as potential competition. They take intentional steps to hamper the growth of another woman or refuse to share their knowledge.

Other disadvantages of attractive women in the workplace

  • Attractive women are viewed as superficial and only care about their appearance
  • Attractive women need to double their effort to prove their intelligence
  • Attractive and smart women easily intimidate others

How To Avoid Workplace Biases

If you check my closet, you will notice different blazers of different colors. Of course, I have the typical black blazer that signifies business. When I attend business meetings to convince someone, I choose colored blazers that compliment my skin. And when I need to participate in a business meeting that requires me to be intimidating, I wear my black blazers.

I remember my very first job interview. That day, I was careful to use a blouse that looks good on me but at the same time, making sure it is pleasant to the eyes. My goal is to look attractive enough to be remembered but staying pleasant to avoid raising the eyebrows of other women. Unlike men, women in the workplace need to learn how to style themself strategically. Men styling is only categorized into either sharp or sloppy. But a woman’s style can either be attractive, powerful, convincing or non-commanding and quickly forgotten.

I’d say that this is an advantage for beautiful women in the workplace. We have control in setting the mood for our goal. Beauty will always be a matter of perspective. But across culture and history, beauty is attributed to clear skin, fit physique, and healthy hair. These are not genetic and could be attained by everyone.

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