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Tips To Maximize Productivity When Working At Home

Tips To Maximize Productivity When Working At Home Blog Featured ImageTips To Maximize Productivity When Working At Home Blog

Productivity is a universal issue. You may be a man or a woman, single or married, and young or old. We all experienced difficulty in maintaining work efficiency. Even though for some, the struggle is greater. Let’s illustrate this group as mummies working at home.

Do I hear a yes?

Between household chores and children, being productive may seem impossible. But there is hope. Continue to read on and develop working at home productivity.


Work At Home Productivity Tips

1. Plan ahead

Planning is a known strategy for productivity. Sit down for a couple of minutes and list down all your tasks. Identify priority responsibilities and distribute them within your work schedule. Make sure that difficult ones are the highlight for each day. Then combine them with more manageable tasks so you won’t get overwhelmed with a working place at home set-up.

2. Create a to-do list and stick to it

A to-do list will make your day flow like a fluid. Do it the night before so you can start being productive first thing in the morning. When you know what to expect, it is easier to start on a job and transition from one task to another. Stick to your list and avoid piling unsettled assignments.

3. Start early or pretend like you are going to the office

If you are the finish-first type of person, then start immediately as soon as you’re awake. Starting with the house chores drains energy fast. Then it will be harder to be productive with work when you’re already tired. Pretend like you’re reporting to the office if the chores cannot wait. Those who communicate in an office setting have a brief morning routine, so they get on time for work. Set a time to spend with breakfast and quick house chores. Then establish a time when you should clock-in for work.

4. Set up a dedicated workstation

Find an area in your home where you can work adequately but not too snugly. It should be just one spot. That way, when you sit down to work, your brain is work-ready as it is a place meant for business. It is even better if you can set-up a dedicated office with physical barriers from the rest of the house.

5. Make it harder to get you disturbed

Set ground rules in your house. Your family should treat it like you are working a hundred miles from home. Meaning, they can’t disturb you whenever. Log-out from all your social media accounts, so you’re not tempted to reply to messages or browse through your feeds. If possible, segregate accounts and numbers intended for business.

6. Take clear breaks

Set your breaks throughout your work schedule. Make sure to follow it and not take breaks earlier or too often. Doing so will break your momentum.

7. Pick a definitive time to finish work

Set deadlines for each task. This helps with the motivation to be productive. Then reward yourself with a relaxing activity after you finished on time or earlier. Set also a time of the day when you have to go off work. This is discipline. Stop working when the clock hits your off-work schedule, even if you have incomplete work. You face consequences of unfinished work the following day.

8. Put away your electronic device at the end of the workday

Fixing and tidying your workspace marks your day. You feel accomplished if you finished all your to-do list in the day. This will also remind you to keep up with your to-do list if you end up anxious while putting away your devices. Putting away work devices also prevents you from extending work-related tasks and mixing work and family duties.


Work-Life Balance

Many women shifted to working at home careers in pursuit of work-life balance. But it takes discipline to be able to thrive in this business or profession. You need to separate personal chores from work commitment. Make a working place at home by defining concrete boundaries.

The tips will help you with the quality time that your family deserves if you are a workaholic. But if you are more devoted to your family than your work responsibilities, this will help you give value to your clients’ money. No one will pay someone who won’t deliver.

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