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Business ideas for homemakers with low investment are the most sought and searched info on google nowadays. Even if you are a housewife, having your own income is now achievable. Especially if you have the skills and you know where to look and how to start. This article will help you get started – so read on. Being a housewife 24 hours a day can be tedious and honestly, most of the time, it is tiresome. Don’t get me wrong, but this is a fact that most homemakers and moms experienced in their repetitive daily routines. Of course, there is joy in taking care of our home and our family. But there are moments in our life that we felt not enough and that we are not contributing financially to the family during hard times. Most women left their old jobs when they became moms, and this is one of the many reasons they feel depressed, especially when they miss the feeling of earning their own money. Fortunately today, because of the evolution of the internet we are given chances to learn how to have a job or how to earn without needing significant investment. Here are business ideas for homemakers with low investment;

1. Online Travel Guide

Through the help of social media and the internet, you can now reach out and help people who need a travel guide. You can earn by providing travel guide services to the tourists. Your benefits will include; planning for the best places to visit, arrange for their hotel, and anything that can make your customer’s vacation more manageable and more fun.

2. Selling Homemade Foods

The easiest and one of the best businesses for homemakers with low investments. Cooking for the whole family during special occasions is something a mom is always good at. The experiences of being a housewife have taught you many recipes. Why not make homemade goodies, deserts, and advertise them on your social media? Many people out there who are busy and can’t cook for themselves would surely love to buy it. And also, you can advertise menus that they can choose and ask you to deliver. Try making extra when you cook for your family and sell it online. See how it goes. If many are buying or asking for it, then you are good to go!

3. Offline And Online Tutor

You can spare 1 to 2 hours of your day to earn extra by tutoring kids. You can teach preschoolers to read and write or any subject. Many moms would love their child to excel in school, so they spend money on tutorials. You can tutor offline if you are not okay with using your house for the venue. Online tutor is also a great idea since it pays well. Especially now that teaching the English language online is on demand. It’s up to you!

4. Online Freelancing

Do you have any particular skills? Like web designing, graphics, or writing articles? Then earning at home for you is easy. There are many short-time gigs online that you can apply for. One platform that has a wide selection of job offers is And Fiverr.

5. Blogging or Vlogging

If you have a hobby that has been stagnant after you got married, then make use of it now. Or maybe you are good at baking or creating crafts? Yes, you can earn using your creative ideas. Or write about your travel adventures, or you can write advice for moms and homemakers. It is the chance that you have the opportunity to enjoy your hobby and at the same time be productive.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Suitable for moms looking for a business with low investment because you are not required to purchase products, and no physical store is needed. You will sell the merchant’s products or services online, and you will get a commission.

There are many ways to earn while at home. I chose these six ideas because, based on experience and research, these are the easiest and with the lowest investment that a mom, single mom, and housewife could afford.

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A Home-based Entrepreneur and Blogger For me, being a home-based entrepreneur, parent and blogger has been quite an experience. Here’s how I got started on it all. Where I’ve been Becoming a blogger and a hardcore, home-based entrepreneur wasn’t exactly a planned career action for me. I can almost say I didn’t see it coming. It all started when I got pregnant with my first child. Back then, I was still working as a flight attendant, and I have to admit that I really loved my job. But when that baby came on board, I decided that I wanted to be as involved in my child’s life as I could possibly be. Once I’d made my decision, I swung into action. I quit my job and quickly made plans for a new (and different) life with the baby in mind. My foray into the glamorous world of entrepreneurship and blogging was a little more abrupt. This started a lot more recently.   I first came into contact with these products sometime around two years ago. In 2018, my aunt-in-law would be the first person to preach to me the wonders of Aulora Kodenshi. I confess that I was very skeptical back then. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t see myself as an entrepreneur (or even a blogger for that matter). I felt I was comfortable in my role as a housewife and that picking up endeavors like that was for people who had more money to “waste.” I decided to continue to keep my focus as a good mother and an ideal housewife. The plan was, if I kept feeding my family good food and making sure that they all exercised regularly, there wouldn’t ever be a need to buy any of the products my husband’s aunt talked to me about. As it turned out, I’d not end up buying the products; I’d also become one of its most vocal advocates. How I Got Here Our second child got a case of eczema when she was about 18 months old. Ever since that time, every so often, she’d have a rather severe outbreak. The doctors would always tell us it was nothing serious, nothing to bother about, and we believed them for the most part. A reason for this was that almost like clock-work, she’d always get better after every 3-6 months. All of this changed though in February 2019. She had an outbreak, and we thought it was normal until she scratched so hard she drew blood. We tried everything to no avail. Frustrated, I decided to try SHIRUTO, one of the many products from BE International. In no time at all, the eczema and even the scars cleared up. I was so excited, I took to my social media page to share my joy, and that’s how I got into blogging and entrepreneurship. Plans for the Future I’m happy with where I am right now. I have a healthy family with a career I want to see grow. I don’t conform to the classic stay-at-mom routine of waking early in the morning. I do my best work at night when everyone’s happy and rested. The goal is to continue to remain healthy and inspire everyone around me to be free and keep those positive vibes flowing strong!
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