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The first thing that came to my mind when I learned about my pregnancy is the fear of needing to quit my job. It did not happen, but I suffered from working mom guilt for quite a long time. Some days it was bearable, but there are days when circumstances make my guilt too strong. Like when I am traveling on business despite my child being sick. Or when I can’t bring my son to school on his first day. And then there are school activities that I could not attend.

On top of that, there are also challenges I have to bear with at work. Example, feeling indebted to my supervisor when I ask for leave because of my sick child. Or worse, when I still reported working, and I’m expected to function like there is nothing wrong at all like worrying is a faucet that you can switch off.

Women in the workplace are becoming a norm, and yet the question remains – is it worth it?

Amazing Advantages of Working Moms

Independent and creative children

The working moms train their children to behave better with their guardian while they are away for work. This prepares the children to become more independent and creative as well. They become less demanding of their needs and learn to depend on their abilities. Also, they become creative with activities to do to get entertained.

Working moms are good role models for gender respect

Children learn early that women can work outside of homes, and men should help in the house. As they grow up, they become advocates for gender respect. Working moms are the ideal role model that career women have a place at work and can excel in a career as men do.

Children of working moms are more likely to succeed

Working moms are raising the bar of success inside their homes. The children know that their mom worked hard to achieve where she is right now. The value of education, discipline, and hard work get implanted in the lives of their children.

Career women have less depression and self-esteem issues

Working moms have a more extensive network due to the social aspects of working in the corporate world. They have more friends and can take part in varying activities. Also, they are more independent of their husband because of their financial freedom. They have the freedom to do self-care without guilt because they feel that they deserve it.

Provide more quality time with family and showers more love

Because career women are away most of the day, they give more quality time for the husband and the children. They shower more love to offset the days that they are busy with work.

And because women contribute financially, the family spends more family vacations together. If you’re like me–someone who focused so much of my energy on what I am losing as a working mom, you need to stop. It is self-sabotaging and unhealthy. Instead, capitalize on your advantages. Then learn creative ways to resolve issues that you encounter as a working mom.

There is no fix-all for women who have to function in different roles. What is essential is to give value to what you have.

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