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What Are Ceramides?

Ceramides are becoming a much sought-after health ingredient. They find widespread use in a variety of skincare products. So what are they? Ceramides are lipids found extensively in the skin. They are made up of long-chain fatty acids and occur...

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Minuman Kolagen Belixz Maqnifiq Blog Featured Image

Minuman Kolagen Belixz Maqnifiq

(This article is written by Nick Lai, based on the original article https://www.mummyjene.com/2020/07/belixz-maqnifiq-collagen-drink/) Sebagai seorang wanita dan juga ibu, kekal kelihatan segar merupakan sesuatu yang penting untuk saya. Tetapi bukan sahaja kesegaran luar yang saya harapkan tetapi, saya juga mementingkan...

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Do varicose veins need to be treated blog featured image

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are not only uncomfortable but also a bane to the appearance of our legs. A mother has many things to worry about, and varicose veins shouldn't be one of those worries. Although as times go by, it is...

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丰胸美臀就靠这招 Blog Featured Image


  现在回想起来,丰胸大概是我人生中最渴望的其中一件事(笑),不敢做手术就唯有后天帮助吧! 话说回来,每个爱美的女性都想要有一对傲人的双峰,S字形的身材,但究竟要怎么丰胸,要吃什么、要做什么,网络上各说纷纭。今天,就让我来和大家分享丰胸方式吧!   丰胸按摩 + 按摩霜 丰胸按摩的重点就在于每天、每天、每天持续地做才会有效,当然你必须要按对穴位,每个穴位要点按5~10次,这样就能刺激乳腺让其通畅,就能让硬邦邦的乳房变得柔软,也能让胸型更加圆润。在按摩胸部的时候,搭配按摩霜应该好点吧。。建议大家早晚各用一次,尤其是在洗澡后血液循环比较好的时候用,可以让丰胸效果更好。   做丰胸运动 丰胸运动有很多种,但对于忙碌的女性,可能没办法做那么多,所以今天我就介绍大家2款只要每天做三分钟就能起效的方法吧~   俯卧撑,做三组,一组10次 俯卧增大的是乳房下胸肌,本身并不能使乳房增大(因为乳房里并无肌肉),但增大的胸肌会使乳房突出,看起来胸部就变得丰满,而且还可以增加弹性哦~   扩胸运动 扩胸运动能够锻炼胸肌,让胸部呈现自然挺拔,防止下垂,增加乳房的弹性和美感。另外,扩胸运动也能防止乳腺增生,促进乳房的健康。   酒酿蛋 酒酿是客家人传统的丰胸食品,其中富含活性物质和B族维生素,另外酒酿中的醣化酵素也是天然的荷尔蒙,这三者都有利于乳腺发育,加上鸡蛋中的优质胆固醇和蛋白质,就能将热量转化为脂肪在胸部堆积。酒酿蛋的做法简单,只要在酒酿中加水煮沸,依个人喜好撒上砂糖,接着将鸡蛋打入酒酿中打散搅拌,就能祝好一碗美味的酒酿蛋了~ 当然,不要放鸡蛋也可以,如果加上几颗汤圆,就变成了酒囊汤圆,是一当非常著名的中国点心哟~   多吃能丰胸的食物 有些食物能够刺激女性荷尔蒙,补充乳房所需要的蛋白质,因此对丰胸特别有效,这边我就列举几样对丰胸特别有效的食物吧~   猪脚:拥有丰富的胶原蛋白,不止对丰胸非常有效,对肌肤美白也能起到很大作用(猪脚醋又好吃又有效,棒棒der)   黑芝麻:拥有丰富的维生素E,能促使成熟的卵细胞增加,还能刺激雌激素的分泌,从而促进乳腺管增长,丰胸效果超好!   大豆:含富含蛋白质和氨基酸,其中的大豆异黄酮还是一种天然雌激素,不但能促进丰胸,还对女性健康有益。(豆腐可是我们家晚餐的必备餐点噢~)   花椰菜:含有丰富的维他命A,能够调节身体的内分泌,同时花椰菜也含有多种食物纤维、维生素和矿物质,尤其蛋白质更是丰富,对丰胸、美肤的效果都很棒。 ----------------------------------------- 美胸不能只靠天赋,后天的努力也是非常重要的~只要你愿意付出努力,完美胸型一定属于你,以上对我有效吗?还在努力💪着。。。哈哈哈  ...

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Beauty Tips & Lifestyle Blog

To some, natural beauty is seemingly elusive and perhaps difficult to achieve. But this notion is wrong. Everyone can be naturally beautiful, including you, the reader of this blog post. It is no myth that there are women with great skin. The question, however, hovers around what they do to achieve such flawlessness.

Bear in mind that it is a lot easier than you think or realize. Following an intense study and research on skincare has opened my eyes to dozens of ways to develop a healthy and naturally glowing skin in a few steps and with made-at-home ingredients. Consequently, I’m able to come up with beauty tips for skin that can help keep your skin fresh and lovely at all times. Besides, my experience with affiliate marketing has spurred my interest to leverage social media to bring you beauty tricks that apply to all.

Thus, in case you have been biting yourself too hard to think that the procedures to achieve such awesomeness are expensive or invasive, do that no more. Perhaps you have been exposed to some beautiful lifestyle blogs all these years, but to no avail, here, you will learn how to bless your skin with non-toxic skincare ingredients that are inexpensive and perform great wonders. Do you want to look fabulous, even barefoot?

Or you believe that you have to increase weight loss to stay beautiful? Adopt some DIY approach to save time, money and ultimately, stay healthy. These  beauty tips  apply to all skin types.


Radiance-boosting Beauty Tips & Tricks:

How to achieve great skin

You too can achieve flawless skin by inculcating the following habits and tricks:

#1. Wash off your makeup before bed

Take your makeup on before bed and never forget to do that no matter how exhausted you are. What differentiates a beautiful, glowing skin from a dull and clogged pores skin could be something as inconsequential as removing your makeup before bed. The catch is simple: According to dermatologists, makeup is pushed deeper into your skin’s pores when you sleep, which can lead to acne. More so, there are some dead skin cells that you have to shed every day to enhance your skin tone. With a 24/7 makeup on you, they stick more to the surface of the skin and can result in breakouts. Simply remove the makeup with a gentle cleanser rather than washing your face.

#2. Drink a lot of water

Incalcute the habit of drinking 2L of water from morning to night as this constant practice is good for your skin. It does not have to be limited to the time you want to hit the gym or when you feel incredibly dehydrated alone. Hydration helps your skin stay radiant, and I recommend a minimum of 8-ounce glasses every day for fully hydrated and flake-free skin.

#3. Get used to antioxidant serum

Every day, try to use some antioxidant serum which contains fighting formulas for anti-aging. Because the UV light can still cause significant damage to your skin even while you are wearing sunscreen, a layer of serum that contains antioxidants like vitamins C and E helps avoid this damage or at least repair it as it occurs. That way, you can prevent premature fine lines and brown spots and consequently prevent the impact of sun damage on your skin.

#4. A combination of sunscreen and face cream is magical

The few minutes you stay in the sun running errands every day add up. To reduce the effect of sun exposure on your skin, you do not only have to wear sunscreen when you are out for a long time. According to studies, some incidental exposure daily can accumulate over a few years to result in brown or dark spots and fine lines on your skin. Thus, a face cream with SPF15 formula or higher will do a lot of good for your skin. Or you can try the blonde salad. Whatever works for you, I’d advise you to apply them in circular motions on your skin. Then, wear your makeup after that.

#5. Keep a clean pillowcase at all times

Are you aware that your skin can pick up bacteria, saliva, hair product residue, dead skin cells and traces of makeup from a dirty pillowcase? Make sure you wash your pillowcase regularly to get rid of a possible buildup of such substances that can clog the pores of your skin. This applies to all kinds of skin, especially sensitive skin.

#6. Workout regularly

With yoga or spin class, your skin can achieve the desired glow. This is incredibly beneficial for your body and mood, and workout also helps to increase blood circulation. Working up a sweat is effective for lowering cortisol – the stress hormone- which has a link to skin aging, breakouts and clogged pores in the skin. As a result, you can successfully get rid of dry skin.

#7. Exfoliate gently

Depending on the type of skin you have, you can use a chemical peel to take away dead skin. Try something like AHA, soft scrub, glycolic acid, among others. You’ll be amazed at the extent of the glow you can achieve with this. I recommend weekly exfoliation to keep beautiful skin. You too can exude the awesomeness of a barefoot blonde.

#8. Have dry skin? Get a moisturizing mask

If you find that your skin is dehydrated, get a moisturizing mask that has glycerin. Also, if you are oil-prone as a person, alternate between a clay-based treatment and an exfoliating mask. For persons with combination skin, multi-mask and apply accordingly. Keep detoxing clay on your nose and chin as well as a hydrating mask on your cheeks plus forehead.

#9. Get rid of tired puffy eyes with chilled tea bags

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is susceptible to inflammation and is softer and delicate? A lack of sleep and specific hormonal changes plus allergies are the major causes of tired puffy eyes. To eliminate this, use chilled tea bags which contain antioxidants, caffeine and tannin.

This will help reduce irritation and soothe your skin effectively. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties in black and chamomile teas will help minimize fluid retention and subsequently, promote blood circulation around your eyes for a fresh and renewed appearance. Simply dip the tea bags in hot water for about a minute or less. Remove the bags from the water and chill in a small bowl inside the refrigerator. Now that you have chilled tea bags place 1 bag over each eyelid while closed and leave for 5 to 15 minutes.

#10. Cleanse regularly

The key to luminous skin is to clear the canvas by ridding yourself of debris like oil, dirt and pollution particles that can clog pores and make your skin look dull. That is, some of us with oily skin have trouble keeping exotic skin.

But if you can get a face cleanser and wash your face morning and night inside out, this will help boost radiance, and you can use this cleanser daily while you can do a deeper cleanse once a week by applying the face wash with a cleansing brush.
Over to you…

As a lifestyle blogger, I’ve been adept at learning and training various means of skincare and maintain a healthy lifestyle generally. It is good to learn from the people who know best. And here, in this personal blog of mine, I’ve described and suggested several approaches and  beauty tips  to help you stay beautiful always. Who knows, as you strive to save your skin and keep its glow, you might be saving your life, too.

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