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When asked about shirts and tops, I am not very particular about the brand and color—the type of cloth matters to me. And because I am a busy person, I prefer a shirt that I can wear any time of the day, any weather, and even on emergency occasions. Sometimes in our life, we get into situations when we are not prepared and need to attend or face someone immediately. It happened to me, and I was wearing my house shirt that day, and my boss called me to report in a meeting asap, and when I told him that I should change into something formal, he answered me, it is an emergency and no need to change my clothes. And so I went, and honestly? I felt my confidence blowing away the moment I faced the attendees. Though no one bothered to glance at my clothes, I still feel uncomfortable and out of place. That’s when I knew that even on regular and ordinary days, I must have tops that can be grabbed quickly and can be worn even in informal meetings. And so, while looking for tops that can match perfectly with my pants, skirts, and even shorts, I read about Aulora basic tops. From its looks and descriptions, I purchased and included it in my collections.

Best Features Of Aulora Basic Top

  1. Made with Kodenshi Fiber from Japan – it is woven with kodenshi fiber that optimizes blood circulation
  2. Anti-odour – since the cloth is made with FAR infrared, which is ultra-breathable, it reduces or even prevents body odor.
  3. Improves sleep quality – because of the breathability of the cloth, it is very comfortable in your skin, thus helping you to sleep well.
  4. Functional design and texture – this can be worn on any day and by any gender. It is excellent for casual use, and it is also best to use as sportswear.
  5. Thermal wear – one thing I notice about this product is that when it is freezing, the temperature of the clothes seems to adjust and retains the heat of my body. And when it is hot, the weather also changes, making this top breathable and comfortable to wear.
  6. Better Absorption – The cloth of this top absorbs sweat faster, and honestly, it is beneficial when I am wearing it during a hot day.

These were just the five good features of the Aulora Basic top that I have experienced so far. Other than that, I have no complaints against the product. The practicality of the design and how it is made is suitable for my way of life. And one thing more, I also noticed that the stitches of this top are stitched well, making it not easy to tear. Therefore, it is durable and can last long. The color also does not fade quickly. So, should you be wearing Aulora basic tops? The answer is yes. It would help if you had this top in your closet. Trust me; it is practical and functional.

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A Home-based Entrepreneur and Blogger For me, being a home-based entrepreneur, parent and blogger has been quite an experience. Here’s how I got started on it all. Where I’ve been Becoming a blogger and a hardcore, home-based entrepreneur wasn’t exactly a planned career action for me. I can almost say I didn’t see it coming. It all started when I got pregnant with my first child. Back then, I was still working as a flight attendant, and I have to admit that I really loved my job. But when that baby came on board, I decided that I wanted to be as involved in my child’s life as I could possibly be. Once I’d made my decision, I swung into action. I quit my job and quickly made plans for a new (and different) life with the baby in mind. My foray into the glamorous world of entrepreneurship and blogging was a little more abrupt. This started a lot more recently.   I first came into contact with these products sometime around two years ago. In 2018, my aunt-in-law would be the first person to preach to me the wonders of Aulora Kodenshi. I confess that I was very skeptical back then. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t see myself as an entrepreneur (or even a blogger for that matter). I felt I was comfortable in my role as a housewife and that picking up endeavors like that was for people who had more money to “waste.” I decided to continue to keep my focus as a good mother and an ideal housewife. The plan was, if I kept feeding my family good food and making sure that they all exercised regularly, there wouldn’t ever be a need to buy any of the products my husband’s aunt talked to me about. As it turned out, I’d not end up buying the products; I’d also become one of its most vocal advocates. How I Got Here Our second child got a case of eczema when she was about 18 months old. Ever since that time, every so often, she’d have a rather severe outbreak. The doctors would always tell us it was nothing serious, nothing to bother about, and we believed them for the most part. A reason for this was that almost like clock-work, she’d always get better after every 3-6 months. All of this changed though in February 2019. She had an outbreak, and we thought it was normal until she scratched so hard she drew blood. We tried everything to no avail. Frustrated, I decided to try SHIRUTO, one of the many products from BE International. In no time at all, the eczema and even the scars cleared up. I was so excited, I took to my social media page to share my joy, and that’s how I got into blogging and entrepreneurship. Plans for the Future I’m happy with where I am right now. I have a healthy family with a career I want to see grow. I don’t conform to the classic stay-at-mom routine of waking early in the morning. I do my best work at night when everyone’s happy and rested. The goal is to continue to remain healthy and inspire everyone around me to be free and keep those positive vibes flowing strong!
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