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A shapely butt is all the rave now; if you are like many people, you want one! It not only looks fit; it also has cosmetic appeal. It’s no wonder it’s trendy just about now. If you desire to sculpt the bottom of your butt (without having to go under the knife, of course), is there anything you can do? It turns out that there are some natural steps you can take towards shaping your butt. Below we will share some tips for a shapely lower butt.

Your Glute Muscles Define The Shape Of Your Butt

The butt contains three muscle sheets, which in turn determine the shape of the butt. These are the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. If you are looking to shape your butt, these are the muscle sets you need to target to develop with exercise routines. By strength-training these muscles, you give your butt a well-rounded shape. Let’s look at some exercise routines for you. First, this is going to take some effort, okay? Getting your butt-shaped up isn’t just going to happen in a day or two. It is going to take some real effort and commitment on your side. You have to commit yourself to follow the exercise routines as much as and as long as is necessary. As you may have figured from one of two efforts at starting an exercise routine that you couldn’t eventually follow through on, it’s not very easy. However, if you stick at it properly and do the routines well, you’ll finally get your results.

Squat And Tone

This is one of, if not the most popular exercise routines for butt shaping. The impact goes directly to the gluteus set of muscles. To carry this out, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Lower your hips slowly like sitting back into a chair and trying to keep your knees from moving forwards towards your toes.
  2. Return to a standing position.
  3. Throughout all this, keep your torso tight and your back straight.

To improve the effectiveness of this, you may add handheld bars. If you haven’t yet totally dug into this routine, you may start with a ball between your back and a wall to help you balance.

Forward Lunge

As you might expect from this routine, once you’ve gone through the steps, it tones your thighs, in addition to toning your butt. The steps to follow here are simple: stand with your feet parallel and spaced at hip distance. Then take a long step forward. Bring down your body slowly by bending both knees. Then revert to a standing position. There are two things to keep in mind here. Do not let your back knee get to rest on the ground. Also, your front knee and your ankles should vertically align.


Remember, you are trying to build up your butt muscles. That’s essentially what the entire training is directed at. So, load up on the protein in your meals, either by eating more healthy protein-rich food or supplementing your diet with a vitamin boost. A top protein supplement option would be whey protein isolates. Also, you could look out for glutamine and creatine supplements.


Getting your butt to be more toned means you have to commit and diligently pursue a routine for gluteus muscle training. Two of the most popular training routines are discussed here. You should combine these and other training schedules to form your butt day routine while also eating an appropriate diet. Also, be a bit patient with yourself and appreciate small gradual changes instead of aiming for an unrealistic overnight change.

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