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Women In Leadership Roles

Leadership was more associated with men in the longest history of humanity. But in recent years, women fight for recognition and equality in the workplace. And they assumed leadership positions, albeit scarcely. Yet, there is also a sad reality that...

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The Advantages Of Direct Selling

As a stay-at-home mother, it’s important to look for ways to earn extra income for my family’s needs. Although my priorities are still my family, I still have to make some earnings and juggle to perform my household duties. I...

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BE International Company Reviews

There are so many ways that stay-at-home moms could earn income for the household. I’ve experienced multiple means of earning that didn’t affect my time doing my household chores and taking care of my children. Besides generating income for my...

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What Is Network Marketing?

Being a stay-at-home mom has many advantages. I manage my own time, plus I can decide which chores to prioritize without being anxious about being watched by a boss. I am the boss of my home. After taking care of...

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现在的家庭几乎都是双薪家庭,但随着新的生命诞生,如果你的家里没有其他人(比如你的父母)可以帮忙,那你可能就会开始觉得,同时兼顾工作和照顾新生宝宝,在精神和体力上的负担实在是超乎想象呢~ 为了避免蜡烛两头烧,许多妈妈都会选择辞掉工作,成为一个全职的家庭主妇。不过长期下来,整天和柴米油盐酱醋茶为伍的妈妈,很容易和社会脱节,加上一直和哭闹不休的孩子共处一室,挫败感频频而来,很快就会怀念起工作的好,这种时候应该怎么办呢? 既然要能顾家,又要能工作,那当然就是来找一份能够在家工作的兼职啦~ 事实上,根据美国心理学会研究,有在从事兼职的妈妈们是比较快乐的。这是因为有在兼职的妈妈们能够从工作中找到自我重心,同时弹性的工作时间也能让妈妈们专心处理家庭事务,相当于获得了事业、亲情的双重成就! 说到这里,究竟什么样的工作适合妈妈们呢?就我自己的经验来说,我会建议妈妈们尝试一下4种兼职:   1. 善用天赋 & 技能 市面上不乏兼职工作,举凡翻译、打字、设计、插画、文案创造,都是许多公司需求的能力。妈妈们可以到人力网站寻找适合自己的兼职,比方说你擅长文字创作,那你可以接一接边写文案的工作;你的英文能力好,可以试试看翻译案件;擅长弹钢琴,不妨空出闲暇时间受学生…等等。     2. 当附近住宅区的专业保姆   有些妈妈们可能在孩子长大后,发现自己已经再也无法适应职场了,那这时候你养育孩子的心得就能派上用场咯~ 妈妈们可以上网公布自己带孩子的经验和资历,并说明自己有意愿成为专业保姆。当然,在刚开始的时候,陌生人 可能不太会相信你,因此你可以先试试看从身边的朋友、亲戚开始宣传,等到口碑慢慢做出来,相信大家都会放心将孩子交给你。   3. 金融投资理财 嗯嗯,看到这个可能大家都会觉得,「这怎么做得到啊?」 也对,如果平常不碰触金融,相信许多人都觉得投资理财是一种「专业的游戏」。不过,别忘了所有的专家都是从菜鸟开始做起的,因此如果你的条件允许,不妨试试看这个高风险、高回酬的特殊工作。 金融投资最大的重点有2个: 认真做功课,培养精准眼光 量力而为,要有能承担风险的余力 作为新手,你就应该先赚取经验,先从保守和低风险的产品入门,秉持不贪多的精神,才能将损失风险降到最低。   4. 网络行销(产品) 锵锵~这就是我本人在做的工作啦~ 根据我代理健康与美容产品的经验,我可以告诉你说这个工作方式是最有弹性,同时还能创造高收入的最佳工作方式。 现在市面上的产品代理工作还蛮多的,妈妈们只需要选择一个自己喜欢的加入就行。如果你担心自己完全没有销售经验,你大可不必害怕,因为这些公司一定会提供职前训练,让你迅速掌握销售技巧。 如今市面上的销售公司,能够让代理抽取5%~40%的销售额,换算下来的收入真的不少。不过,在选择销售公司的同时也要小心,千万不要选择哪种要你花几百、几千块钱加入会员,或是要你先囤货才能成为代理的公司,小心才能驶得万年船。   以上就是4种适合妈妈们在家也能从事的工作,不知道大家觉得这些工作如何呢? 欢迎在下面的留言区一起来讨论哦~...

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Work At Home

Everything About A Working Moms

Half the world gets the experience of what it’s like working from home. Some can agree that this fresh work arrangement is for them, while others can’t wait to crawl back to their office. So why is it some employees are more productive working from home and the other half–struggle?

And for those who wish to continue working from home, they’d either negotiate new work arrangement terms with their bosses or begin seeking out for remote jobs. So, the question now is- how exactly can you convert a full-time job to work from home, and stay at the top of your productivity game while you’re at it?

Most importantly, from a mother’s perspective, how is staying at home vs  working moms cope and juggle their workload, without sacrificing their parenting times?

Personally, I will share my experience and wealth of expertise as a working mom who has mastered the best ways to adapt and navigate my life around my goals and family. Together with other women at work, remember these productive tips when you’re struggling to balance the workload as a stay-at-home mom and working from home…


Inspire other working women and mothers in the workplace

You can be productive while working from home even though you’re pregnant or a mom with kids. Just follow these tips:

 #1. Create A Schedule

Line up your day diligently and carefully. Have a particular number of hours you hope to work on some given days. Decide on when you will return calls and get the best from your day while your kid paints colors in the other room. What I’m saying, in essence, is that whether you intend working part-time or full time, there is no limit to how much you can achieve as a working pregnant mom. In no time, you’d realize you had gotten more work done. Not only that, given that you will enjoy an incredible amount of flexibility working while pregnant, creating a workable schedule helps you attend to home duties or chores appropriately and also get more work done. This can also mean more money.

#2. Do More With Naptime

I recommend that you do more work when your kids take a nap. You can be productive as a working mom by merely determining and planning to finish assignments that require uninterrupted attention and undivided attention when your kids are asleep or taking a nap. This works if you are bothered about how to do more during the day.

#3. Separate Mom And Business Roles

Men and women must learn to keep business and pleasures separate. As a working mom with kids or pregnant women, I recommend that you keep your roles as mom and businesswoman separate. Concentrate fully for a specified time. I would also advise that you set up an office area in your home. This way, you get to be mentally separated from the rest of the house. You’ll be amazed at the extent of value you can achieve with this.

#4. Keep Your Kids Busy & Entertained

Do you want to get more work done? Keep your kids busy. To do this, simply give a little quality time, so you get some hours to work. This is true for kids of different ages. Besides, working mothers can set aside some cool toys for them to play with or arrange exclusive movie viewings with them. There is a catch though: As long as your kids have a thing or another to look forward to, they are less likely to interrupt you while you work. Ensure you set up an activity center in your home office for your children to carry out their projects in designated places.

#5. Use Tools And Do More With Technology

If you are already using tech so well when you work from home, I’m sure you will agree with me that these things are lifesavers. They help you stay productive and be more efficient at work. Get compatible apps on your phone to make your lives more straightforward and effective. For  working moms  who want to stay home and work, the Internet, computers, email and phone are there to assist and make the efforts possible and seamless. With these tools, you will improve your time management skills significantly.

#6. Multitask Diligently

As a working mom or pregnant working mom, you must multitask. There’s no shortcut to this. Because you will juggle morning sickness, maternity leave and pregnancy discrimination, and somewhat expected to stay productive. Talk about being a wonder woman.

As a mom, time management means multitasking. This, however, can streamline your day or leave you with so many undone projects in a day. So you have to know when to multitask. This is key to achieving better synergy in your work and home life. Also consider the amount of childcare you have to employ, the knowledge of which helps you know to what extent you must multitask. Glaringly, some of these things were not taught in high school. But you can get a handful of help from here.


Time Management As A Work At Home Mom

Time management is a skill, and it requires practice. Practice, they say, makes perfect. This may not be the case here, though. If you are working while pregnant, time management is what you may never fully master because of the dynamic nature of life. What I’m saying is that when you eventually get a big-time waster under control, another thing pops up again. Have you noticed that?

Don’t let that discourage you anyway. Given that there are specific problems women face, there are some tips you can adopt for time management to help you stay more productive at work and delineate the respective time management problems before they are out of control. Many of these things are listed in different articles in Harvard Business Review, and the goal is to ensure that moms working from home can be better off than they previously were. Combining work with child care can be daunting, but if you get the hang of these tips, you’d be fine.


Most Recommended Jobs

If you are expecting to find flexible work, and wonder how to get extra income, especially as a pregnant woman. It can be achieved. From my experience, there is no better place to look to when looking for jobs as a pregnant woman than online. Some right jobs I researched and found worthy for a pregnant woman are listed below.

According to the American College of Obstetricians, depending on your trimester, finding a comfortable position to work in can be difficult. That is, regardless of the type of work you do or seek, comfort is paramount to enhance focus on the job at hand. Therefore, you can demonstrate the requisite creativity as you find the best position to work in.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to work from home from the comfort of your embrace pillows and couch. Or you have other interesting positions that suit your health and condition. What is important is that you should pay great attention to how to support your lower back and elbows well. Here are some workout tips that can help you strengthen your core as you prepare for delivery, as approved by obstetricians and gynecologists as well:

• Choose the right desk

• Get the right place to sit

• Keep a healthy selection of snacks within reach

• Stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle at hand.



As we draw curtains in this section, I insist that you can save more time, avoid debt and make more money by working from home as a pregnant woman or mom with kids. There are part-time jobs you can consider. And you will not even be bothered about whether you should return to work after putting to bed.

Did you know that moms feel way better and more comfortable working from home? Check online to see what suits you and the ones that align with your skills and interests. I recommend QKids, Say ABC.com, REV.com, Chegg.com, UserTesting.com, WorldWide 101. Get rid of the notion that you cannot make passive income as you work from home. Some jobs do not need an overwhelming amount of attention and participation. Take advantage of the early stage of your pregnancy to rid yourself of some pressure.

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