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Traveling With Children

As a working stay-at-home mother with 2 kids, I can say that I am well experienced when it comes to handling kids during travel. From my firstborn to my third, every trip, I have learned new tactics to every possible...

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Family Trips – Life Saving Hacks

Bonding with my kids every vacation is one of my ways of allowing them to enjoy their childhood and for me to relax from my work and stress at home. But traveling with kids is challenging and can be stressful...

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Where To Travel After The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has freaked me out on many levels. There is the fear of contracting the disease or worse my children getting ill. Then the pandemic has prolonged home isolation. And I got more freaked out on issues of...

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Must-see Travel Destinations In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a wonderful city offering an assortment of activities for all ages. KL, as called by the locals, is a melting pot for culture. It’s a city vibrant with majestic skyscrapers and surprisingly a lot of nature parks....

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Travel Tips & Guide Blog

Traveling is an enjoyable and pleasurable adventure. At least, that’s what it should be. Unfortunately, many are not born savvy travelers. And this is not a problem in any way. Traveling is an on-the-road experience kind of activity. This implies that you will probably make a lot of travel mistakes in the beginning as you plan to engage in a road trip.

While several travel blogs are enunciating various means of traveling safe and well, this Malaysia travel blog will help you make better-informed decisions. To be travel savvy means to be adept of the processes involved such that you know your way around dealing with possible issues of missed buses, demonstrating necessary cultural awareness, and avoiding numerous tiny errors, among others. With time, you realize you can seamlessly jostle through airports and adapt to the new cultures effortlessly.

To achieve this feat, there are some  travel tips  you can follow as a solo female traveler to help you avoid likely mistakes and to attain your full travel guru potential. Visualize your journey to Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, Cameron Highlands, George Town, Mount Kinabalu, Kota Kinabalu and other places in Malaysia.

These  travel tips  are specifically tailored around helping you cut costs, save money, sleep better, meet locals, and generally be a better traveler or tourist.


Travel Tips/Guide

Whether you want to fulfill your dream of visiting the top cities in the world for your desired occasions or even to build memories with your family, you can always make the best of your travel by following these tips.

This travel blog is the perfect guide for those who have visited Malaysia at some point in their lives, and even though planning a trip can be extremely daunting. The following bucket list helps you plan for how to behave and what to note to make your trip a fruitful one. If you seek some unbiased and great travel suggestions like you can get in Faizal Fredley blogs, look no further than here.

#1. Where are you going?

The very first thing to note is that you have to define where you want to go so that it helps you set a goal to work toward. Many people just talk about travel without much specificity about where they are going. Decide whether there would be a need for you to visit shopping malls, eat street food, or do other things at your destination. Set a goal to keep things in the view from the start.

#2. How long will your trip be?

Here, you have to determine how much it costs to travel, and this is invariably dependent on how long you will be away for. Once you can answer this question, you can plan better. In essence, the length of your trip is a big determinant of how much money you need. Figure it out.

#3. Are you a solo female traveler or you want to go with someone?

Another big decision to make is to determine whether you are going alone or with someone. They are very different choices, anyway. As long as you can sort this before embarking on your journey, you will do just fine because you have planned based on the factor.

#4. How much will your trip cost? Find out.

Now that you know where you are going and for how long you will be there, you have to do some research on the costs of the destination at the style of travel you want to adopt. Know the prices of hotels, attractions and restaurants before setting out to the East Coast, and other places.

Other things to note and include in planning are: save enough money, go with a reward credit card, choose no-fee ATM cards, choose a destination off the beaten path, stay inspired and focused, among others. Check our guide, which explicitly discusses each of these items, and you’ll be glad you did.


In Conclusion…

As you plan your next trip, take these things in this Malaysia travel guide into consideration. And given that there were not too many travel blogs many years back, you can take advantage of this continuous innovation to give yourself the best treat and time ever through travel. Now that there are many apps and economy websites as well as guides to help, you only have to figure out what to do, and you’d realize how much you have missed out on without a travel guide.

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