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Barley has impressive health benefits and uses. It is popularly used in bars infused with beer. There are also powdered drinks like coffee and shakes which have Barley grass in them. This article will tackle the various uses of barley and its health benefits. At first, barley has not garnered as much popularity as wheat. Both are grains, and both are gifts from nature that are beneficial to our health. Nevertheless, there is so much more to barley than just ordinary grain. When I first encountered barley, it was mixed in a coffee. I have no idea about its health benefits, where it came from, and what it is. It is so foreign to me. In the first sip, I can already hint at the “grassy-taste,” but in a good way. Maybe because it is already mixed with coffee and sugar. It added freshness to the bitterness of my coffee.

That is how I came to know barley grass and its excellent health benefits. I also found out that it has an unpleasant taste when you drink it purely. So it is advisable to infuse it with other ingredients if you can’t handle the taste. Aside from infusing it in our drinks or smoothies, we can also use barley in our baking. It is a healthy addition to our usual bland bread. You can also drink it without other ingredients, and trust me when I try it (forget the unpleasant taste), I can attest to its effectiveness in detoxification. For further explanation, the following are the health benefits of barley.

Rich In Antioxidants

Barley is rich in vitamins A and C, which act as antioxidants. As I have mentioned, I experienced this effect after drinking barley juice. From that day, I made barley part of my daily meal, and my bowel movement improved. It also has the same result, even if it is infused with other ingredients. It is what makes barley a perfect drink when losing weight and removing toxins from our bodies.

Improves Skin Health

Any vegetable or grass is good for our skin. Drinking fresh barley juice can make your skin softer and keeps the glow in your skin. The vitamins and minerals found in barley can improve your skin health by keeping it hydrated and moisturized.

Good For Digestion

Barley grass provides soluble and insoluble fiber, which helps digest food effectively. The soluble fiber keeps the blood sugar and cholesterol levels lower because it is responsible for assisting our stomach in absorbing sugar slowly. At the same time, the insoluble fiber feeds the good bacteria that keep our intestines healthy.

Suitable For The Bones

Barley is also good calcium and phosphorus needed for bone health. A study shows that the calcium in barley is efficient in preventing osteoporosis.

Reduce The Risk Of Stroke And Heart Disease

Since barley is also wheatgrass, it has a soluble dietary fiber that effectively keeps our cholesterol level low by absorbing cholesterol before reaching our blood. When our cholesterol is at an average level, we have a low risk of stroke and developing heart disease.

Barley grass provides nine essential amino acids crucial for repairing muscles, blood vessels, and bone marrow. It is indeed a healthy ingredient that you must include in your diet. Regular drinking will make you healthy inside and out.

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