Effective Treatments For Diabetes

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Diabetes is a condition that needed a close watch on your blood sugar. You cannot treat it without proper guidance or assistance from your doctor. However, there are interventions that you can do on your own to manage it. This article will give you ideas on some effective treatments for diabetes. Most of us are living a destructive lifestyle, which ultimately leads us to acquire diseases. Many of us are aware that our lifestyle has a significant contribution to our health. We might think that we were invincible because we don’t have life-threatening hereditary diseases, or maybe we are just too confident that we are healthy. Once you are diagnosed with diabetes through medical diagnostic tests, your doctor’s first intervention is to give you a new meal plan to help treat and manage your diabetes.

Effective Treatments For Diabetes

Aside from changing your usual meal plan to a diabetes treatment meal plan, keeping a close watch on your blood sugar by the health professionals is also needed. Below are other effective treatments for diabetes.

Islet Cell Transplant For Type 1 Diabetes

In this operation, they can cure people with a pancreas donor or islets cells to protect. The islet cell transplant is effective because it restores the production of insulin. This procedure also releases hormones that help regulate blood sugar. The major setbacks of this treatment are; when it is transplanted to the liver, it could develop inflammation that will affect the function of the liver. And that the newly transplanted islets are exposed to the toxins processed in the liver.


The BioHub is a mini-organ made from a piece of omentum, a layer of fatty tissue that protects the organs in the lower abdomen. Compared with other organs, the omentum has a good blood supply, and it is easy to modify since it is near the surface. After the operation, DRI concludes that a person’s immune system might destroy the new cells. For now, the DRI’s goals are to make a BioHub that won’t need immunosuppressants. They are also looking for ways to “coat” the islet cells with protection from immune attacks without stopping insulin production. The DRI is looking for a new solution to these two tracks, but they stick to immunosuppressive medicine for now. Even though the BioHub has an excellent performance at curing type 1 diabetes, it won’t be available for everyone. Not unless they have healthy donors that are willing to donate the needs to finish the operation. Where to find the cell donor? So far, they came from dead people because they can’t get from live donors since getting the pancreas or cells is too dangerous. It might kill the live donor. To have a successful operation, you need millions of islet cells, making you look for two pancreas donors to have enough beta cells to finish a single transplant.


Insulin injection will provide a certain amount of insulin your body needs throughout the day. Most people diabetic people are doing the injection by themselves. With the doctors teaching, this procedure is so easy to learn.

Diet And Exercise

For people with type 2 diabetes, diet and exercise are crucial for the treatment process. That is why they were given a diabetes treatment plan that is just right for them. Your daily diet is the foundation of your health since everything you eat will depend on factors that might fight against diseases or make you prone to infections. What you eat will determine your health; it’s essential to know what you eat from now on. Exercise has many health benefits. It helps improve our body’s use of insulin and helps in lowering our blood sugar.

Always talk to your doctor and always follow his advice. It is also helpful to wear a MedicAlert bracelet tag, just if you have a hypoglycemic attack. Once you already know your treatment, never forget to practice a healthy lifestyle. Medication with proper exercise and diet will work against your diabetes.

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