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Every woman in the world is beautiful in her own way. But when it comes to aging, it is beyond our control. But with the help of science and new studies, we can now slow the process of aging and grow old beautifully. How can we do that? Well, it is easy. Live a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep, and take a supplement that contains collagen.

Why collagen? Because collagen is a type of protein that is responsible for the elasticity of our skin. It holds the skin cell together, keeping it strong and elastic. Collagen is formed by the combination of two amino acids, which are the glycine and proline. This process uses vitamin C to produce the collagen. Though our body produces collagen naturally, the production of this protein slows down as we get older or reach the age of 25. And this is when wrinkles start to form, and our skin begins to sag.


Health Benefits of Collagen

  • Healthy and elastic skin – To achieve this, increase your collagen intake by taking Belixz Maqnifiq collagen drink. This supplement helps reverse the signs of aging.
  • Healthy joints – As we age, our bones start to wear out. Supplements with collagen can help prevent deterioration of the cartilage joints.
  • Increased muscle mass – Collagen keeps our muscles strong and functions properly.
  • Prevent bone loss – Collagen keeps the bone healthy, that is why when the production of this protein slows down, our bone also becomes weaker. Taking the Belixz Maqnifiq collagen drink will keep the bones supported.

What Can We Do To Assist Our Body Produce Collagen?

To help our body produce this vital protein, we must eat foods rich in vitamin C, glycine, proline, and copper. These are the four nutrients that help produce collagen. And avoid those that damage collagen. Collagen-building foods – include these in your diet to increase your collagen intake.

  • Citrus fruits, bell peppers, strawberries
  • Egg whites, cabbage, mushrooms, pork skin, gelatin
  • Sesame seeds, cocoa powder, lentils
  • Tofu, legumes, seafood, meat, great sources of amino acids
  • Bone broth

Collagen Destroying Factors – These Are The Foods That You Must Avoid

  • Sugar and refined carbs – this weakens the ability of the collagen to repair itself.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight – the ultraviolet radiation can damage your skin and reduce collagen production.
  • Smoking – We can quickly compare people who smoke and those who don’t. Those who smoke can look older than their age. Because smoking can lead to wrinkle plus, it impairs the wound’s ability to heal.

Whether we accept it or not, 98% of women in the world want to look appealing, beautiful, and young. We will do anything to look good to the extent of spending a sum of money on it. Our reasons for trying to look good may differ from each woman. Some may just want to feel confident and feel suitable for themselves, and some reasons are to impress and attract men.

For us to look vibrant and young, we must begin to change our bad habits. I can justify this fact because I have been praised for looking more youthful than my real age. I believe that my effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle has paid off. I exercise and sleep well, plus I take my Belixz Maqnifiq collagen drink regularly to stay healthy inside and out.



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