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Far infrared rays (FIR) are waves of energy that our naked eyes cannot see. Fifteen micrometers to 1mm of radiation wavelength penetrates our skin and elevates our body’s temperature. To make it simple, FIR is invisible rays of natural sunlight. Even before, the heat from the sun is said to offer good benefits to our body. It is crucial for the survival of every living thing. But, there is a limit on a person’s exposure to sunlight. Too much exposure from the sunlight can cause burn, pigmentation, or even skin cancer. So the question is, how do these Far infrared rays become beneficial to human health?

How Does It Work?

Just like the heat of the sun rays reaches the earth’s surface, it increases the temperature. But when it gets into the human skin, it can be harmful. FIR is only 42% of the invisible infrared ray from the sunlight. The other 6% is the ultraviolet ray, and the 52% is the visible ray. This 42% of Far infrared rays that our skin absorbs brings benefits to our body, as mentioned above. Even though its mechanism or how it works in our body is still hard to comprehend, FIR is a widely used alternative therapy for treating various health problems.

Benefits Of Far Infrared

Ever since discovering the effects of Far infrared (FIR) on our health, it has been used to treat conditions like; diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic kidney diseases. So far, it has no known adverse effects. Other than that, FIR has been proven to relieve muscle tension, reduce spasms, stimulates metabolism and enzyme activity, and helps our body perform its healing abilities. Therefore, it helps in strengthening our defense against autoimmune diseases.

Here Are Other Benefits Of FIR

  1. Improves blood circulation – the Far infrared rays cause the capillaries to expand, which stimulates increased blood flow.
  2. Promotes healthy lung functions – FIR therapy is effective in improving airway obstruction. It has been tested to assist in managing discomfort due to asthma and COPD.
  3. Strengthen cardiovascular system – it increases cardiac output and decreases diastolic blood pressure, resulting in a healthy cardiovascular system.
  4. Improves detoxification – by expanding the capillaries, hidden toxins are dissolved quickly, and it promotes the elimination of fats and chemicals.
  5. Relieves nervous tension – the FIR heats the muscle fibers, reduces muscle spasms, relieves anxiety, and reduces soreness on nerve endings.
  6. Boost immunity – FIR supports the production of white blood cells, which are crucial for our immune system.


These are some of the benefits of Far infrared rays therapy proved after various tests and studies. A study also confirms that FIR promotes faster healing of wounds, and it even improves skin appearance. Aside from that, FIR is also used in the clothing industry to aid in weight loss. Pants with FIR are now on trend and widely used for sports and workouts. Far Infrared rays are also used in saunas famous for speeding up weight loss and improving blood circulation.

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