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While preparing to start your day, You may have noticed that your formerly lush hair now seems thinner when you stand before the mirror. Then again, your hairline was not this receded a year ago. For many people, this is how they typically notice a common issue; hair loss, also known as alopecia.

Alopecia (Hair Loss) Is A Common Issue With Multiple Causes

Alopecia (Hair Loss) is something that affects a lot of people and is associated with many factors. Some of these, like increasing age, are natural; others are symptomatic of diseased states. Here are a couple of possible reasons why your hair may be thinning out:


Alopecia (Hair Loss) can be due to genetic influences that predispose one to baldness. If you have a parent who was bald, the chances are that you will too. This is not always a hard and fast rule but may be subject to other factors and usually tend to occur as one approaches midlife.

Radiation Therapy

As may occur during some forms of therapy, exposure to significant amounts of radiation can destroy hair follicles as a collateral effect. This results in thinning hair or even total loss of hair.

The Side Effect Of Medication

Like radiation, certain medications, especially ones on chronic usage, may cause hair loss as part of the possible side effects, including anti-cancer drugs, hypertension, and heart issues medications, etc.


Stress can set off a series of changes in our bodies. Greying hair is a well-known effect; hair loss is another of the effects stress can have on our hair.

Tight Hairstyles And Harsh Hair Products

When you favor hairstyles that pull the hair too tight, you put additional stress on your hair roots, resulting in you pulling your hair off the scalp. Over time, the stress on your scalp may cause significant hair loss. Also, some hair products may be too harsh on the scalp and so lead to hair loss.

Subconscious Habits

Some might pick up the habit of pulling our hairs while in thought or engaged in some other activity. Hair pulling habits can result in considerable hair loss when not properly checked.

Diseases And Disorders

Alopecia (Hair Loss) can also be a sign of certain diseases and disorders such as autoimmune disorders, where the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles resulting in alopecia areata.

Hormonal Effect

High levels of androgenic hormones may predispose one to baldness. Also, menopause and consequently reduced levels of estrogens may result in hair loss.


Poor diet plays a role in hair loss. Besides putting the extra stress on your body, the deficiency of relevant nutrients might hinder the growth of hair.

What You Can Do To Prevent Hair Loss

While several factors involved in hair loss may be out of our control, we can adopt some steps to optimize the other variables that predispose us to hair loss. These include:

Healthy Diet And Supplements

This is a natural and affordable step. We should make conscious efforts to eat healthy balanced diets replete with nutrients. We can also use supplements to boost nutrients levels. One supplement I’d recommend in this area is the Shiruto vitamin supplement.

Prudent Use Of Medication

We should endeavor to go over medication details with the prescriber, including possible side effects, mainly when they are intended for long-term use.

Check Your Hairstyles And Hair-pulling Habits

Your hairstyles don’t have to be tight! Opt for hairstyles that are gentler on your scalp. Also, products used on your hair should be as mild as possible. If you have a hair-pulling habit, make a conscious effort to minimize or entirely avoid it

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