Hormonal Imbalance Disorder

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As a busy working mom, having a 6 hour- straight sleep is a luxury to me. It is because I still have to spend time with my kids after work and do some tinkering at home until midnight. Multi-tasking is my lifestyle, and stress is my everyday enemy. Many people often think that mothers gaining weight, being skinny, or looking dry are being negligent to their looks and body. And it is their fault for looking unattractive and being cheated by their partners. But many don’t know that there is an underlying reason for weight gain. The number one culprit is the hormonal imbalance.


What is Hormonal Imbalance?

It is a common health disorder that occurs when the individual’s bloodstream lacks hormones, or if there is too much in it. Many of you might not be familiar with the importance of having balanced hormones in our body–even the slightest change can wreak havoc to our body systems. Hormones are natural chemicals in our bodies that are produced by glands in the endocrine system. Flowing in the bloodstream, hormones “instruct” our organs on how to functions as a collective system in our body.

With this fact, it only proves the importance of hormones as a part of most major bodily processes. Failure to regulate one process will lead to a huge disadvantage in our health. To give you more knowledge about the importance of hormones, this one help to regulate the following:

  1. Heart Rate
  2. Sleeping Routine
  3. Metabolism and Appetite
  4. Body Temperature
  5. Mood Swings and Stress Levels
  6. General Growth and Development
  7. Reproductive Cycles and Sexual Functions

Imbalances in Estrogen and Progesterone usually occur for women while men experience imbalances in testosterone levels. While imbalances in steroids, insulin, growth hormones, and adrenaline come with a massive impact on both men and women.


Symptoms and Causes of Hormonal balance

Just because we are both diagnosed with hormonal imbalance, it doesn’t mean that we experience the same symptoms. It always depends on which glands and hormones that are affected in your body. The symptoms that are related to the common cause of hormonal imbalances are:

  1. Difficulties in Sleeping
  2. Having Dry Skins or Skin Rashes
  3. Getting Irritable and Having Anxiety
  4. Increased Thirst
  5. Experiencing Depression
  6. Consecutive Headaches
  7. Excessive Sweating
  8. Infertility
  9. Bloating
  10. Long-Term Fatigue

In my case, I experienced skin rashes, depression, and constant headaches which frequently I mistook for migraine. I believe that we experience hormonal imbalance at a specific point in our life. I noticed that I began to experience the symptoms when I started to work full time. Maybe it is because I don’t get enough rest anymore and sometimes neglect taking care of my health.


What can we do to treat hormonal imbalance?

To free yourself from hormonal imbalance, you can rely on medicinal treatments with a licensed doctor. Make sure that the cause of your hormonal imbalance was determined so that you don’t take the wrong medicine that might give negative impacts on your health. Some of us were born with an allergy from medicine. Therefore they prefer relying on natural remedies in curing themselves. Truth is, there are no natural remedies that can help cure hormonal imbalances disorder and their causes, except for changing our lifestyle.

I began to take natural supplement such as Zencoso Chewable Ball that can reduce the risk of having symptoms of unbalanced hormones. And also, consistently wearing Aulora pants that help improve body blood circulation which control blood flow and the changes that occur in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis .


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Maintaining a healthy body weight together with proper exercise, helped me a lot in reducing the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Just try walking 30 minutes a day to your workplace or from your office to your canteen. It will do you right. Trust me. Aside from that, do not forget to avoid taking processed foods and reduce the consumption of sugary desserts.

For safety measures, you should seek advice from a reliable doctor so that your condition will be appropriately identified. It is essential to get your facts straight before resorting to medication in getting your hormones back on track.

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