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Enzymes are particularly significant in our digestion because it contains globular proteins that facilitate biological reactions in breaking down food. There are different kinds of enzymes that we can take in, and it is vital for us to know why taking-in the right kind of enzymes would be beneficial for us. In this article, we will dive specifically into food enzymes. Unlike metabolic and digestive enzymes, food enzymes are derived from raw food including plants.

The enzymes in plants bring the plant to maturity or ripeness. By chewing or cutting the plant, the food enzymes are released with the aid of these natural support network:

  • Water
  • Ideal temperature
  • The correct pH environment (Acid vs. Alkaline)
  • Something for the enzyme to digest (i.e. protein, fat, carbohydrates, and fiber)

Food enzymes are useful in digesting protein, fat, carbohydrates, and fiber and there are four types of enzymes that are responsible for breaking down the respective elements:

  1. Proteases – protein
  2. Amylases – carbohydrates
  3. Lipases – fats
  4. Cellulases – fiber

Food enzymes aid in our digestion, and without “pre-digestion” of food, our digestive system would go haywired and digestive problems occur.


Taking-in the right enzymes for nutrition

I’ve explored different kinds of diet, but what works for an excellent digestive process for me is when I’m taking in plant-based enzymes. My digestive system has been compromised for many years. It has often left me bloated and at times, an upset stomach. I have been particularly sensitive to kinds of foods such as dairy and nuts. For years, I have consulted different kinds of remedies for my sensitive stomachs such as cutting carbs and lower sugar and dairy intake. But aside from merely discounting myself, there has been less improvement when it comes to my digestive system. A plant-based diet is crucial if one would like to improve its digestive process.

These are some significant insights:

  • The delivery of nutrients into the blood is enhanced compared to taking in animal enzymes
  • Food manufacturers remove food enzymes because it spoils quickly, not knowing that they are removing essential nutrients.
  • Nutritional disorders could be solved with the right nutritional treatments, and taking in plant-based enzymes is healthier
  • Nutritional disorders could not be merely remedied by taking in more vitamins but instead would be remedied through changing one’s diet.

Changing my diet corrected my nutritional disorders

Some physicians may be recommending an exercise regimen, supplements, and other health treatment techniques, but they sometimes forget that the food that the client is taking in should also be considered. For years, nutritional disorders have bothered many people, but little did they know that it’s just a matter of changing one’s diet. As I’ve changed my diet, here are the changes that I’ve observed:

  • Regular bowel movements
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Decreases bloating
  • Regular menstrual cycle
  • Improved sleep

If one resorts to taking in more plant-based diets, then you won’t only have to experience an improvement in your digestive tract, but you’ll also prevent other disorders from taking in too much meat or too much junk food. Arthritis, kidney stones, diabetes, and even heart disorders could be prevented if one would improve their diet. Alternatively you can consider ZENCOSO from the Belixz product line by BE International, it can enhance the enzymes production for those vege-haters and fussy eaters. I’ve personally experienced the benefits of improving my diet. It has not only improved my physique, but it has also enhanced my mental abilities, improved my mood, and made me feel lighter because I’m not bloating anymore.


Although if one has to start incorporating more plant-based food into their diets, I recommend that one has to gradually add it to their diet. You don’t have to directly do away with meat. Protein is still very significant in your diet. What you could do is eat meat moderately while taking in more plant-based food. You’ll surely improve your digestive process while also replenishing your organs.

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