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Mom-brain! Have you heard about this new classification of a brain? Well, I did. It even has a definition in the dictionary. It’s the state of being a mother, being forgetful, easily distracted, and absent-minded. But I can’t help but agree. And this is even true with my skin care routine. Now that I am a mom, my beauty regimen is high on keeping my skin healthy and young-looking. But I don’t have the leisure of time and personal space to do complicated skin care routine. So I’m sticking into this simple and effective daily skin care regimen that every busy mummy can do.


My 5 Step Skin Care Tips


1. Gentle Cleansing

I use a mild cleanser to remove dirt, excess oil, and make-up. I choose gentle cleansers because it keeps my skin clean without stripping my natural skin moisturizers. I don’t want to make my skin dry and make my skin look older. I also look for mild cleansers that have added benefit to it like those with nourishing content. I also like cream-based cleansers. I found out that they have fewer lathering chemicals which are the culprit for making the skin dry.

I am no longer using toner because I’ve learned that toning was purposely invented to enhance cleansing, tighten pores for oil control, and balance skin acidity after cleansing. However, with the recent development with beauty and skin care products, most cleansers nowadays are mild and with a balanced pH. Also, cleansing our skin a lot can strip our natural defenses. And closing your pores before another beauty regimen is counterproductive.

A beauty tip, be on the look-out about innovations in toners. The market offers a wide variety of toners that can do more. Some toner helps with anti-aging, give skin nourishment, or lock moisture.

2. Exfoliate Regularly

As much as I want to exfoliate regularly, I’m having trouble with my mom-brain. But I exfoliate immediately when I see that my skin is getting dry or I have other skin problems such as breakouts. Experts’ beauty tips for skin is to exfoliate on a regular basis to attain flawless and glowing skin like babies. Babies naturally shed off the skin, but we lose that ability as we grow older. So we need to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and allow new skin to replace it. A beauty tip that I can give you is to calendar your exfoliation routine and set it on a reminder.

Exfoliating your skin also helps remove deep-set impurities that may block the absorption of nutrients or treatments that you do for your skin. So if you plan to have some skin care treatment, exfoliate first and get the best out of it. By the way, make sure to exfoliate your lips too. This will keep your lips smooth and avoid dark discoloration. That’s another beauty tip for you.

3. Skin Treatments for Specific Needs

Skin treatment can vary from different skin types and needs. It can be anti-aging serums, eye cream, acne-spot treatment, or peel-off face masks. I call them all skin treatment because I don’t do this every day as a beauty regimen. I usually do this as a treat for myself or when I see that I am having skin problems. The most important thing is that I cleanse and exfoliate first and make sure that my treatment product gets absorbed before I apply my moisturizer.

4. Don’t Skip Moisturizers

I’m big on moisturizer and I make sure that I don’t skip it. Having dry skin will create more problems in the long run. These problems can range from wrinkles, skin darkening, acne, irritated skin, and fine lines. What encourages me about moisturizing is the long term effect on my skin health. Plus, you can buy moisturizers with added protection such as SPF. Too much sun exposure and dry skin cause skin aging faster.

Your skin type should not stop you from using moisturizers. Some people with oily skin shuns away from moisturizers which should not be the case. Experts say that letting your skin get dry will have a counter effect on your skin. Once your skin is dry, your body will try to release more sebum which is our body’s natural moisturizer. And if we have too much oil in our skin, then we’re even more prone to have acne.

5. Less Make-up

Because I invest well in my skin care routine, I’m not forced to apply too much make-up. That’s the advantage of having healthy skin since you no longer need other cosmetics such as concealers and heavy foundation. You can achieve that Asian-glow look with very little make-up on. Be smart with your make-up products as well. Go for products that have skin-improving benefits such as CC cream.


Skin Care Tips That Works

All these skin care tips worked for me, even if I am busy with motherhood and work. It’s very easy to follow and stay committed to it. And I spend minimal effort and time into these beauty regimens. However, what worked for me may not be as effective to you. So researching about your skin type and the best skin care for you is important. Look for the beauty regimen that will work with your schedule and budget.

Also, remember that we can achieve even better if we invest in our body and mental health as well. Get enough sleep, drink lots of water, and eat food rich in nutrients.

Take care of yourself as much as you take care of others.

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