What Is Kodenshi Fiber?

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Clothing is much more. Clothing goes so much beyond “something that we just wear.” Our style can define our personality and outlook. In a similar pattern (pun intended), fabrics matter too. While most materials hardly lay claim to any particular design and are routinely made, this is not so for every fabric. Some fabrics are just made differently. These fabrics, which are crafted specially to achieve high-performance goals, are admittedly not common. However, their exceptional design and weaving allow them to offer benefits beyond the range of ordinary fabric types.

Introducing Kodenshi

One of these special fabric designs is Kodenshi. The new fabric that’s quickly becoming the rave. Kodenshi is a ceramic-containing fiber made meticulously with one primary goal: the wearer’s comfort.

What Does Kodenshi Do?

How does Kodenshi fiber go to extra lengths to ensure the wearer’s comfort (pun intended)? The first thing to know about Kodenshi is not made with traditional materials used for making cloth fibers. For starters, how many fibers contain ceramic in their composition? Instead, Kodenshi is produced using proprietary technology. The technology used uniformly embeds fine-grained ceramics into a fiber. This way of creating fabric offers benefits not found in most other fabric types. The Kodenshi fiber keeps you very comfortable by absorbing and reflecting the far-infrared radiation which our bodies emit. These infra-red radiations also reflect our body temperatures. The ability of the fiber to absorb or reflect infra-red radiation works in two ways to keep the wearer cool. When it is cold, it absorbs the infra-red radiation and keeps the wearer warm by efficiently heating the fabric. When it’s hot, the thermal adjustment mechanism of the material also enables it to remain calm.

How Is The Fabric Structured?

The way the fibers in a piece of fabric are structured or arranged profoundly impacts its quality and comfort. It also affects its durability and other features. Kodenshi fibers have high purity, ultra-fine ceramics blended in them with the use of state-of-the-art technology. It also contains a large surface area that allows it to absorb and radiate body heat efficiently.

So, What Benefits Does Kodenshi Bring?

Kodenshi materials are designed and produced for stellar fabric performance. With Kodenshi, wearers can expect a fabric that is comfortable to wear all the time (something that you don’t get to feel every day where materials are concerned). The fusion of cutting-edge (pun intended) technology and design that goes into Kodenshi fabric production creates finished products that offer many wear advantages. Some of the specific benefits Kodenshi fabrics bring include:


Kodenshi is designed to be strong and last for the wear. It is partly due to the finely ground ceramics incorporated into the fiber using proprietary technology. Kodenshi fabrics can withstand a lot of washes and still maintain their fabric properties and features.

Kodenshi Fabrics Are Thermally Comfortable To Wear

This is an essential feature of the fabric. The proprietary technology involved in its production gives it thermoregulatory features. The material adjusts its temperature in line with your body temperature. When you get hot, the fabric cools you down; when you are cold, the fabric warms you up. Talk about being responsive.

Perspiration Is Not An Issue

While some fabrics can become uncomfortable to wear after you sweat in them and become all sticky, that’s not an issue here. The Kodenshi material dries quickly by absorption of body heat. This dries up the perspiration left on the fabric and stops you from getting all sticky and uncomfortable.

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