What Is Periodontal Disease And How To Cure It?

What Is Periodontal Disease And How To Cure It Blog Featured ImageWhat Is Periodontal Disease And How To Cure It Blog

Irregular brushing your teeth is not just unhygienic but also unhealthy. When you skip brushing your teeth after a meal, the food particles will remain stuck in your teeth until a sticky film of bacteria builds up, and then later, it hardens. Even if you brush regularly, not all food particles are removed. These remaining particles can still turn into plaque. If these plaque are not thoroughly removed immediately, it will cause an infection that will progress to periodontal (gum) disease. It is a gum disease that is caused by the buildup of bacteria. Aside from bacteria, some factors can lead to infection like; smoking, diabetes, aids, and some medications that decrease the flow of saliva.

Treatment Of Periodontal (gum) Disease

If recently you have inflamed gums, it is a sign that your body is protecting itself from infection. Meaning, gum disease is progressing. Remember, the most significant gesture of periodontal disease is inflammation. So how do we treat periodontal disease? The treatment of your periodontal disease will depend upon its severity. The following are ways to cure this condition:

  1. Non- surgical treatment – this approach involves scraping off the plaque and tartar from your teeth to the root surfaces. This procedure is fast and may take only one visit to your dentist.
  2. Pocket reduction treatment – This procedure is done after cleaning and scraping your tooth; it can’t fit again into its gum pockets, making tooth loss. It then requires pocket reduction surgery. It is done by folding back the gum tissue and removing the bacteria that accumulates in the gums. After that, your dentist will smooth the damaged areas of bone so that your gum tissue will reattach to a new healthy bone.
  3. Gum drafts – It is done by taking out gum tissue from your palate to cover exposed roots. This procedure will reduce sensitivity and will stop the development of gum recession, and, at the same time, prevent tooth decay.
  4. Laser therapy – is a less invasive procedure that is said to have a shorter recovery period.
  5. Periodontal abscess clearing – abscess develops when periodontic becomes severe. A clearing procedure must clean and drain the abscess area. You will be given antibiotics to heal the infection quickly.
  6. Regenerative procedure –  is a surgical procedure done by bone grafting in the impacted bone caused by bacteria. This procedure is done by clearing out the bacteria and placing a synthetic bone on the losing bone.

Final Words

Treating your gum disease in the early stage is the best thing to do to avoid further complications and, of course, to save your money for paying for an expensive procedure. This condition is easily avoidable if you know the basics of taking care of your mouth and teeth. You need to maintain excellent oral hygiene and avoid the risk factors that can lead to unhealthy gums. A regular dentist visit is a wise move. Because the sooner you will get treatment, the higher possibility that you will not lose a tooth.

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