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Tokyo is not only the world’s largest city; it is also stunning and steeped in history. There is always something new to discover in this bustling metropolis, no matter many times you have been there. The mix of the modern and the traditional help make Tokyo a charming site for the millions of people who visit it every year. When you are in Tokyo, here are some free walking tours you can use to better appreciate the scenery of the world’s largest city.

1. Ueno

Ueno is well known among tourists looking to appreciate the sights of the city. Major attractions along this route include Ueno park-famous for its cherry blossoms, the Ueno Zoo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Tokyo National Museum. The tour is unguided, which can turn out to be a positive as you can soak in the sights at your own pace. The Japanese national tourist organization has a brochure designed for visitors who want to tour and includes the Ueno route for which it recommends around 4 hours. The Ueno route starts and ends at the Ueno station. Tourist stops along the way include Ameyako street, which is a busy shopping hive and where you can expect to pick up stuff at a bargain. It also consists of the Shitamaichi Museum, where you are treated to a depiction of the old town as well as traditional items and artifacts from World War 2. An offer that is sure to appeal to history buffs.

2. Yanaka District Tour

The Tokyo Systematized Good offers this free guided tour offers for free. This free tour takes place every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 am and 1 pm local time, respectively. The tour kicks off from the front yard of the Asakara Museum of Sculpture. Although you do not need to register beforehand, you are expected to be at the venue at least ten minutes before the start. The sights you can look forward to on this route include the Tennoji temple, Yanaka cemetery(which is the largest cemetery in the city), and the Sakura Dori street lined with cherry blossoms. The shopping attractions include the traditional shopping street. You can get more information about the walking tours of the museum. A plus for this tour is that it is within walking distance of the Ueno park, meaning you might be able to pack in both times in a single day.

3. East Gardens Of The Imperial Palace

The East Gardens will likely appeal to history buffs and horticulture aficionados, and even those who enjoy a lovely, scenic view. It is located on the imperial palace’s inner grounds and includes a sweeping lawn that can also double as an ideal place for a tour picnic. Your guides for this tour are volunteers from the Tokyo free walking tour who conduct a two and a half hours tour of the grounds every Saturday at 1 pm. Just show up at the Tokyo station Marunouchi central gate on the ground floor, and voila! You are a part of the tour party.

4. Asakusa

Asakusa draws in a lot of tourists looking to take in the sights of this historical area. Your tour guides for this route are a group of volunteers from the Tokyo free walking tour. The tour begins at the Kaminarimon gate near Asakusa station. Attractions on show during the trip include a shopping street filled with traditional souvenirs and crafts. The Senso-Ji temple is one of the most famous temples in Tokyo and the Asakusa shrine. The fun lasts for around 1.5 hours and occurs on Sunday between 10-1 pm. While no prior registration is required, you should endeavor to turn up at the meeting location on time.

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