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Varicose veins are not only uncomfortable but also a bane to the appearance of our legs. A mother has many things to worry about, and varicose veins shouldn’t be one of those worries. Although as times go by, it is natural that varicose veins would gradually appear since a cumulative effort has been exerted in our legs throughout the years. The good news is that you could mitigate the appearance of varicose veins by treatment. Treating varicose veins when they’re starting to appear could be natural or medical.

It’s not only grandparents anymore who are conscious of the varicose veins in their legs. Even as young as 45, varicose veins could already appear. That’s why it’s essential to mitigate it before it turns worse. Due to the advancement of medicine, varicose veins could now be treated without being confined to the hospital. Although, the adage that goes “prevention is better than cure” should be followed as you could mitigate the appearance of varicose veins.


These are some ways to mitigate the appearance of varicose veins:


Wearing specialized pants

Wearing tight clothing would trigger the constriction of veins. In this regard, wearing specialized pants could mitigate the appearance of varicose veins. I’ve tried wearing Aulora pants in treating varicose veins. If the symptoms of your varicose veins are already showing then wearing the pants would ease its discomfort as Aulora pants are suitable for the skin as it combines health and fashion at the same time. This pants has a type of special ingredient called the Kodenshi® Fiber, which hails from Japan. This unique fiber works to retain temperature that help improves the absorption of far-infrared rays, making the pants comfortable because of our own warmth.

Aulora pants is one of BE International’s most-wanted item. If you haven’t heard of BE International, I’ve spoken about it in some of my previous articles. BE International is one of Malaysia’s highly coveted Health and Wellness brands in 2018, depicting the brand’s serious commitment in fashion and health.


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Self-Care Routine

Aside from not wearing tight clothes, good health care is also vital in treating varicose veins. These health care routines are performing leg exercises that have been formulated by your physician, proper diet since putting on more weight triggers varicose veins, and of course, not standing for long periods. These consistent self-care routines for varicose veins could miraculously ease the discomfort of varicose veins.

Wearing Compression Stockings

Wearing compression stockings is effective in treating varicose veins, and is one of the classic treatments when it comes to mitigating its symptoms—wearing compression stockings works because it squeezes your legs that would improve blood circulation. Some prescription-strength stockings are made explicitly for treating varicose veins.


If you’re opting for a medical procedure, then sclerotherapy is one of the effective procedures in treating varicose veins. This medical procedure involves the doctor injecting the solution into the small and medium-sized varicose veins that will eventually close it. After some time, the varicose veins would surely fade. With a specialist, the procedure will be effectively conducted.

Laser Treatment

If you’re not comfortable with sclerotherapy because it uses needles, then maybe the laser treatment would be preferable for you. Laser treatment works by sending strong surges of light onto the vein. With this, the vein will gradually disappear.


Treating varicose Veins For The Better

As our age accelerates, health conditions also gradually appear. It is up to us to mitigate the effects of these health conditions by following self-care routines that will stabilize the conditions of our body and mind. Varicose veins will inevitably cause discomfort, and it is up to us to mitigate the symptoms by following the directions of our physicians and taking care of ourselves.

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