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What Are Antihistamines For blog Featured Image

What Are Antihistamines For?

Allergy is our bodies’ reaction to foreign invaders or substances. These substances are called allergens and they are usually harmless. When you are prone to allergies and get exposed to a new sense, your body will release antibodies that act...

Manuka Honey Side Effects Blog Featured Image

Possible Side Effects Of Manuka Honey

Honey is the sweet nectar that is used not only for food but also for medicinal purposes. It has been around for centuries to remedy burns, wounds, sore throat, and coughs. For centuries, honey has helped mothers with these common...

Itchy Skin Cause By Allergic Reaction Blog Featured Image

Itchy Skin Cause By Allergic Reaction

I am among the lucky ones who do not suffer any type of allergies, even food restrictions. When it comes to medications at times when I get sick, I don’t experience any allergic reactions as well. Our antibodies have the...

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