How To Protect Yourself From UV Rays

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Sun lounging on the beach or long open-air walks isn’t exactly the worst way to spend a day most of us can think of. However, despite the pleasure many of us derive from “soaking up the sun,” especially those who live in colder places, we should still exercise caution regarding how we get exposed to the sun.

Being Exposed To Too Much Sunlight Can Hurt You!

This is because sunlight contains UV rays, which can be dangerous to the skin if excessive. UV rays have been linked to several health risks. These include damage and wrinkling of the skin, eye issues, liver problems, etc. You don’t want any of that. Neither do I. Therefore, we need to take some steps to protect ourselves while out in the sun. Below are some of them.

Stay In The Shade

This is the primary step. Don’t stay out in the sun too long if you can help it. Besides the other risks, you can get a sunburn if you are exposed to too much sunlight. However, if you have to, or you are in the mood to enjoy a day in the sun, take the proper steps listed below to protect yourself.

Wear Wide-Brimmed Hats

This is very important if you are out for a day in the sun or you work outdoors. The wide brims protect your face and eyes from much of the radiation coming your way from the sun. The hats should also be of a tight-knit variety as these are more effective in blocking sunlight.


While sunglasses are mostly a fashion statement, you can also put them to practical use as protectors from UV radiation. Invest in sunglasses that are specifically designed to shield your eyes from UV rays.

Wear Protective Clothing

While this may not be very applicable at a beach outing, you should still endeavor to protect as many areas of your skin from the sun where feasible. The best clothing to protect you during extended periods in the sun are those designed according to the following parameters:

  • Clothing with a deeper shade of color are preferred to those of a lighter shade
  • The clothing should not be a tight fit (not only is this more uncomfortable due to the heat, but it also does not offer as much protection as a looser fit.
  • Shiny polyesters and unbleached cotton make suitable protection fabrics

Some clothing has their ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) indicated, which can give you an idea of how much protection they offer. A UPF of 30 and above are preferred targets.

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the obvious best choice for a day at the beach. However, its use should not be restricted to that occasion, but at all times, you expect prolonged sun exposure. You should also be deliberate about your choice of sunscreen and its application as this improves results. When choosing a sunscreen, I would recommend you go for ones labeled “broad-spectrum.” This means they offer protection against UVA (which causes skin damage) and UVB (which is implicated in sunburn). You should also check out non-comedogenic sunscreen if you are prone to acne. When applying sunscreen, make sure to use it as a base coat all over your body, insufficient amounts.

Use Skin-Nourishing Supplements

There are a couple of supplements specifically designed to make your skin firmer and more resilient against stress. One I use and recommend is the Belixz Maqnifiq collagen drink, which contains collagen, an essential skin protein required for strong and healthy skins.

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